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While the ‘Peoples Champ’ Manny Pacqiao has won a controversial fight in a trilogy battle against the tough Mexican counter puncher Juan Manuel Marquez at Las Vegas Nevada, the war of Filipino amateur athletes (in different sports category) against other athletes of our neighbouring countries has also started in the 26th South East Asian (SEA) Games at Jakarta and Palembang Indonesia.           

26th SEA Games logo courtesy of Google pics

Although the people are quite convince about Pacman’s victory and some boxing analyst were dismayed (including Ronnie Nathaniels) about his performance, the SEA Games became an alternative for the people to search for another glory in sports.

            SEA Games as usual was composed of our very own country together with 10 different countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the host country – Indonesia. Here the south-east Asian countries pride is a stake and victories are in the hands of its athletes.

            There is no wonder that Indonesia has the advantage in winning at this moment, but it seems that the other competing countries are ready to take the guts to grab the glory. It’s been tried and tested that these countries has all the brilliant and talented athletes which they summon to bring home gold medals or maybe silver and bronze if they fall short to be a champ.

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In this case, the Filipino athletes may not be a crowd favourite or maybe an underdog in some games but the rest of PInoys believe that they will not go home without a triumph. Budget less and lack of promotion seems a stumbling block for them. Moral support of families and fellow citizen are all they have as their source of strength and courage.  It is the heart of a warrior and hero’s instinct in their blood that will lead them to fight for the country’s pride.  

            This event in the region of south-east Asia may not be prestigious as world Olympics (or as well FIBA games for basketball competition) but it is still eminent in all participating countries particularly to those which are sports enthusiasts. It is also the time for these countries to strengthen their relationship with each other. Win or loss, these countries are all already winners by being a part of this wonderful event.

            Going back, the Filipinos might forget the controversy that circles around Pacman’s victory after a week that past as Filipino athletes gather 26 gold – and in counting – as they rank 6th place in the said event. This scenario will surely cheer them and ignore all doubts about their Pambansang Kamao.            

Courtesy of Google pics

And in the meantime as the controversy of Pacquiao-Marquez bout came to an end the SEA games also draw near to an end. Manny and every athlete in south-east Asia know that every game (or fight) has a beginning and end. But they know that they  have to give their best in every games they played to become a great athlete even though there are trials and controversies that they have to face  a long the way. A picture of an excellent athlete is the legacy they want to leave in the end of thier career.

This very short article ends by leaving you the message of Rocky Balboa saying that “It doesn’t matter how hard you can hit, but its matter how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” Adios for now amigos.