I used to support the Philippines being part of the annual Southeast Asian (SEA) Games. I no longer do. By the end of this article, neither would you. I have never supported SEA Games since I started realizing the rotten fact that it never gives us (Filipinos not part of the SEA Games) a big deal whenever Philippines has won the baseball gold, the basketball gold, the tennis silver or whatever medal we recently got. My only hope is that this holy light of enlightenment passes through your monitor screen, into your optical nerves, and into your heart so it can touch you

r soul (because the soul is in the heart).

Before, I thought that doing sports is good for your health. You got to sweat and all that. And knowing that the Philippines is very active in joining sports competitions, I am proud that we are one of the countries that enthusiastically compete in every event in the 26th SEA Games.

But all this time, I was deceived by this true vision of SEA Games, “regional sports event will help promote cooperation, understanding and relations among countries in the Southeast Asian region”. It makes a country united even though it faces economic problems. It helps Filipino athletes enjoy the discipline they have chosen. Furthermore, it represents the Philippines among other countries and stands out. That’s why I supported joining the SEA Games.

But now I know I was wrong. And here are some of the reasons why I know that. THIS IS THE TRUTH. Anyone who failed to see this truth after reading is ignorant. I advise him or her to do his or her research, better yet, do some soul-searching to discover the real truth, because the truth is in our hearts, we just have to listen to it.

We should not support Philippines in SEA Games because we’re not doing any good at it.

The first SEA Games were held in 1959. The Philippines joined the SEA games in 1977, along with Indonesia and Brunei (Timor Leste, is of course the latest member).

  1. In 18 SEA games, the Philippines have finished in the top 3 spot, 8 times. Though we made it now on the top 6, it is still not good enough. We should not be thankful. Considering there are other opponents. We should always be on top.
  2. We were so kind, that we let our athletes not to be well-trained and improve more. That’s why they only got 36 gold, 56 silver, and 77 bronze medals. Still not enough.
  3. Almost all media celebrate even a fourth or fifth place finish. We should not be contented about this. We should not be thankful even our athletes did their best because their best wasn’t good enough.
  4. And simply because, we’re not compatible to play these sports among other nation because of our height deficiency. We have nothing to prove. Do you have?

We should not support Philippines in SEA Games because even our youths today don’t want sports.

  1. Teens nowadays just like to hang inside their house. They don’t care whether they are healthy or not.
  2. It is bad to encourage kids playing sports because they will just get tired and it may lead to being unhealthy.
  3. Most likely, teens do not believe to the ability of the looser athletes in the field because they are too lazy to think about it and give them moral support.
  4. Teens believe that sports is a very boring thing and would just take too much of their time. We cannot do anything to encourage them. They just want to rest on their beds.
  5. There are no longer aspiring athletes that wants to join the SEA Games.

We should not support Philippines in SEA Games because no one gives financial supports to our athletes.

  1. Our government is very short-hand in giving allowances. They don’t even give a single centavo.
  2. Even private sectors don’t support them even by just giving them a little cute sum of money.
  3. Sports brands don’t even mind to supply them what they needed like balls, rackets, etc.
  4. Even coaches do not take necessary actions for their team. They do not care.
  5. We don’t have any sponsors. The athletes spends for themselves alone.

We should not support Philippines in SEA Games because it is just a simple boastful act which we cannot stand on.

  1. We only join this just to show we know how to play these sports and not to prove anything else.
  2. We don’t want to build any relationship among other countries because we don’t need them.
  3. We don’t really enjoy the sports event. If we does, only because we saw the little-brown human on our screens waving their hands as if it will gonna take off.

And the last bomb is that..

We should not support Philippines in SEA 

Games because Filipinos make this a purely medal chase and doesn’t care whether they’ve played it with all their strength and best ability for our country. 

After all, they don’t deserve our support. We are just merely,their fellow Filipino and we will gain nothing to this.

(Author’s note:  Sarcasm is the best way to force our minds think deeper.)

(Photos retrieved from Google Images)