Bagging a 37 gold medals and numerous silver and bronze is by no means an easy feat. We may not reached the second or top spot but we still emerge victorious by winning gold medals in the highly contested sports like in the baseball, boxing and most of all in basketball, where we easily lambasted our foes by constantly leading the scoreboard.

Our male basketball thespians posted a staggering 25 point lead against Thailand in the final game held at the Britama arena in Jakarta, while their female counterparts fell short against Thailand and bagged the silver award.

On the other hand, our male softball players ended their rally dramatically by winning the gold medal against the host country Indonesia with a hard- earned score of 7-3 while our women team, after losing to Thailand in the Laos Sea games took revenge against them by a ruthless score of 6-0.

In Cycling, Alfie Catalan captured their first gold in the men’s 4,000-meter singles in four minutes and 53.1 seconds, overpowering his closest Indonesian nemesis Warseso Projo. His Team-mate John Rene Mier took the bronze. In the women sprint, Apryl Eppinger snared a silver medal while Mier Catalan seized bronze.
Our renowned boxers also came into the scoring picture as Nesthy Petecio, female boxer settled for silver and Rey Saludar took the bronze award.

In Billiards, Iris Ranola completed a golden double as she took four gold medals. The 26-year-old Rañola trounced Rubilen Amit, 7-2, in the women’s 9-ball of billiards,
Our celebrated national dragon boat team also won gold after finishing the 500m 20-man crew where they timed 1:53.95 on the dense waters West Java. They outrun the outstanding Myanmar team which settled for silver.

Other teams such as our Equestrian team, martial arts and athletics team also contributed to the country’s 169 medal which is as of press time placed in the sixth spot, slightly behind Singapore which has 160 medals but with more golds.

Our country may not reached the top, but our athletes gave a good fight, they gave their best for the glory of our country, as the saying goes, “winning is not everything, but giving your best to win that is,” Medals, when everything is said and done are just medals, but the courage the our athletes shown is the one that counts it is something that all Filipinos should be proud of.