Who would ever forget the hang time moves of Michael Jordan? What about Robert Jaworski?, the “living legend” that was awarded as one of the Philippine Basketball Association’s 25 Greatest Players of all time. How about Celtics and Lakers, Alaska and Ginebra? Who would ever forget the intense match of these two greatest teams in both National and local basketball?

Michael Jordan doing the hang time moves

Basically, Basketball captures the heart of many Filipinos, it is said to be the number one sports in Philippines. We, Filipinos, love to watch the game even though we are not aware of the rules and regulations inside the court, we just cheer, scream ‘til we drop, and show our support to our favorite teams, and players consistently.

Personally, I’m also a fan of basketball. During my childhood days, I remember how I feel the thrill whenever Bal David would shoot the ball (obviously upon mentioning name, I’m an avid fan of Barangay Ginebra until now). By just seeing the victory of my favorite team against their opponent makes me feel so proud of being a Filipino, because this proves that there are many players who are good inside the court that can compete to other countries to give us pride and honor.

1977, it was the year when Indonesia, Brunei, and the Philippines joined the SEA games. For the very first time in SEA games, Philippines ranked 3rd place over all with the total of 91 medals. Since then, Philippines is very consistent in joining every sports in SEA games particularly, basketball.

In 1991, we got the 1st place in SEA games men’s basketball. Philippines won against Thailand by 92-55. The players behind that victorious moment is composed of , Limpot 19, Meneses 16, Aquino 16, Sasan 8, Ravena 7, Pablo 6, Chautico 5, De Joya 5, Abarrientos 4, Escobar 2, Solomon 2, and Frenandez 2.

This only proves how good our basketball players, and how we standout in such sports like this. And also, we can prove that we are not only good in local basketball tournaments such as UAAP, NCAA, and PBA. But we can also defeat other countries.

And Yes, up to this very moment we are still in cloud 9 after collecting golds in this 26th SouthEast Asian Games in Indonesia. With the theme of “United and Rising”, Our 2011 Philippine men’s basketball team won another gold award against Thailand (85-57).

“What’s amazing about this team is it’s a young team. It shows that we have a bright future ahead of us.” said Norman Black, the man behind the success of Sinag Pilipinas.

Greg Slaughter finished with 16 points and 8 rebounds while Ray Parks contributed 15 points. Garcia 12, Ravena 10, Monfort 8, Tiu 6, Marcelo 6, Pascual 5, Hodge 5, Salva 2, Ellis 0.  Slaughter gave the Sinag a 54-29 lead half way the third period.

It’s nice to know that aside from boxing we also excel in other sports like basketball. Norman Black said, Sinag Pilipinas players are young which means we have good future ahead in basketball. All we need to do is to support them by giving sponsorships, trainings, and always keep their eyes on the goal.

Moreover, A true Filipino pride is not into exposure and TV commercials (I’m not naming names, but who comes first in your mind might be the one I’m referring to). Because it is not about the looks, and how many billboards you have in Edsa, but it is about giving pride to our country.

However, we should give enough attention to other athletes in other fields, not just about in basketball, like the Philippine Dragon Boat, who don’t get any support from the government but won the gold medal in the 26th SEA Games. The government should give equal attention and funds to our athletes, because it’s hard to compete if you don’t have any budget for costumes, trainings, and other services that they needed.

Aside from that, we should be proud because we are blessed with so many great and talented athletes; we should support and look up to them because they bring honor and pleasure to our country. We may not win all the gold medal awards this 26th SEA games, but the fact that we ranked 6th it would be enough. Congratulations Team Pilipinas! GOAL for more GOLD.