I am a type of student that is always away from any means of communicating the world. I study every morning, I work every afternoon and do the laundry every night. Without any other source of information about the world, I keep on relying what the television, radio and newspaper is feeding me. Or else everything will be a secret to me in a single misuse of those three (3).

So the three (3) signals are my only way of connecting from each side of the country, and across of it.


When SEA Games 2011 started in Indonesia on November 11, 2011 I didn’t bother to check what’s in there, or even think if the Philippines will be part of it. Not until Showbiz segment of ABS CBN Bandila flashed the news about KC Concepcion singing with other guests during the opening.

Then I realized how ignorant, bastard, selfish I am, for not allowing myself to show any support before the departure of our athletes.  Days passed by and I heard some good news (for me) about our athletes, Hurray! As of day 10 of the Sea Games, Philippine team already got 36 Gold, 56 Silver, 77 Bronze and counting.


From that moment, I am locked to the SEA Games heat. Then I thought, Shame on me, shameon us.

The Filipinos went there, play the game and so without carrying any flag of support from us.Is the lack of support from the government the sole reason for this?Or our media rating wars gets here? For everyone’s knowledge ABS CBN (with TV5) not GMA7 is the network partner of the SEA Games Indonesia. We can still smell the great competition of ABS CBN and GMA, right?

ABS CBN also produced a Music Video titled LAKAS PINAS while everyone is waiting for the GMA7 to produce a counterpart of it or something… but GMA produces nothing. It only shows that if one network will get least profit from an important event like SEA Games, news or information related to it will also be the least priority.

SEA Games made me remember the dark days of the Azkals, when they were still not recognized. Frankly, they didn’t get any support from the country before but when they had a chance to shout victory, everybody was after them.

Filipinos watching them booed if they didn’t win the expected number of medals, as if natives even know how painful the trainings were and how hard it is to even get there. I’m not fond of watching sports competition but I can really feel athlete’s sentiments for being thirst in the support of their countrymen.

Right now, I say that our athletes can go home now with high heads as the amount of medals they bagged are enough to say that they are champions of our nation.

Well deserved! Thanks to the efforts of the Sinag team for unexplainable winning game against Myanmar with a 103 over 69 scoring, the Taekwondo jins leading the honor roll in the sport are John Paul Lizardo in the flyweight, Kristine Alora in the heavyweight and many more.

The Perlas Pilipinas also may possible get the limelight after winning the game against Myanmar in the score of 57 – 39 and hoping to get the first gold medal for the SEA Games women’s caging.

We just hope that next SEA Games, the Filipinos will stay connected during the days when our team has to put fire on their shoes to fight and raise the three stars and the sun up high, lets make things united.



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