You don’t have to be in the first place to prove that you are strong but finishing the game and giving all of your efforts will determine how strong you are in and out. Back when I was much younger I used to play soccer and softball for my extracurricular activities believe or not I used to play for my school, me and my classmates were excuse to class just to trained and play for the event. Being an athlete it is not easy (well I used to be one) we have a long day usually we start early in the morning doing the ritual stretching and jogging and in the afternoon we have a practice game till our whole body aches. But I only for a year because I have to stop playing for health issues, but my experiences in the field doesn’t even match for the sacrifices that the younger generation of athletes gave to the last Sea games.
After giving our country 36 gold medals, 56 silver medals, and 77 bronze medals they sure put their all efforts to gain these medals just to make our country proud even though we still have a lot of issues that roaming around in our every day news channels. Still the positivity that there are still unsung Philippine athlete heroes, a lot of Filipinos don’t even recognized them, still they have all the guts to fight and win the race. I am really proud that even they don’t have the hero’s welcome when they come home here still they come home with the big smiles on their faces. They have their own demands to
our government especially for their facilities.
After all their sacrifices, efforts and time they end up being in the 6th place in 11 countries that participated in the Sea Games. Maybe they deserve more than that what they have now, deserve to have good facilities for their training and other needs. As a Filipino we should be proud that even in sports we can still excel.