The blissful season is indeed coming to town, the smell and the cold air of Christmas is once again very palpable in the air. Since December is a cheerful month, many of us will surely dig into different gimmicks, parties, food tripping and all.

And one of the cool things to do especially with your chilly “barkada” is to do food tripping but not along your favorite fancy restaurants in Makati or those conventional food outlets inside shopping malls or those very common fast foods down the corner. Why not indulge to something exciting. Try to do some more cool and fun activity like walking along the frantic streets of Manila and explore our street foods that are very inexpensively delicious, unique and exotic!

Here is the list of some Filipino Street foods that some people are going crazy about, be familiar with them, try and taste their appealing flavors!

Balut- This is probably the most popular and much love street food! You can find a balut vendor in almost every street in Manila. Its distinct taste is quite addictive! You just have to crack it on top and suck on the “sabaw” or soup. Open it up and dash it with salt and vinegar! Many people say that this balut can strengthen your bones as well as you knees.

Isaw- this one is maybe notorious but admit it or not, it’s very hard to resist this delicious street food. Made out of pig intestine and marinated in many different ways, each vendor has their own flavors of sauce and own way of presenting it. There are fried ones that are very crispy or grilled that are very appetizing. In fact, even posh restaurants include this to their menu; there is also chicken intestine available in some food stalls.

Quail Egg- Call it a quail egg, IO (itlog na orange) or tukneneng but this is simply a KWEK-KWEK, the very popular and addictive Filipino street food. Almost all Filipinos in any walks of can be spotted eating this food. This is just a ball made of quail eggs and some orange batter, it is best eaten with lots of vinegar and chili sauce.

Bibingka – Rice cake. This I also very popular, especially during Christmas season Different provinces have different versions of this. Some are made out of whole rice and some are ground rice. Some put different falvors or toppings like salted eggs and some put young coconut rinds.

Calamares – This is one is probably the youngest among the list, and a new mass favorite. Usually this food eaten in restaurants as appetizer but lately a street food version was introduced. Its deep-fried battered squid rings which is dipped in vinegar with bunch of spices. These are very addictively delicious at a very affordable price!

Siomai- This is a very popular Chinese food that has been adopted and loved by many Filipinos. One reason why many people love this is because it comes with a wide range of variety, there are fired siomai, steamed ,siomai, beef siomai, seafood siomai, etc. But whatever you preference be you can surely spot a siomai stall anywhere in Manila! You can savor this food with different sauce like toyomansi, chili sauce, vinegar, or you can eat it with rice.