Do-it-yourself street Foods!

Not everything that tastes good is healthy…..especially if it’s not cooked right.

For the common Filipino, street foods are delicacies that have been incorporated in our daily diet. Everywhere we go, there is always this skinny, jolly-looking fellow riding a bicycle that is attached to an improvised stove that cooks, fishball, chicken ball, kikiam and kwek-kwek. Our afternoon merienda is never complete without those cute and delicious little balls.

street foods may look yummy but they're dangerous when not cooked properly

However, no matter how mouth-watering these street foods are, there is always the issue of sanitation. Let’s face it guys, the street is not really a healthy environment anymore for you to cook your foods. There is air pollution coming from vehicles, the road is littered with trash, the sweat and saliva of the customers splattering the fishball stall. And what about the way the street foods are cook, do you think its safe? How many days was the fishball seller using the same oil to cook his fishball? How can you be so sure that the sauce he used was safe?

Delicious doesn’t always mean it’s healthy. That is why if you still want to enjoy street foods without the fear of acquiring hepatitis, here is a simple recipe that you should try cooking at home:

How to cook kwek-kwek with special sauce

The kwek-kwek are small little orange balls made of quail egg and starch. Here is a simple recipe on how to do it:



12 to 18 pieces boiled quail eggs

1 cup flour

3 tbsp cornstarch

1/2 cup water

1 tbsp anatto powder (pinulbos na atsuete)

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp ground black pepper

2 cups cooking oil



Cooking procedure:

1. Place the cornstarch in a container and dredge the boiled quail eggs. Set aside.

2. In a mixing bowl, combine flour, salt, and pepper then mix thoroughly.

3. Dilute the anatto powder in warm water then pour-in the mixing bowl with the other ingredients. Mix well.

4. Place all the quail eggs in the mixing bowl and coat with the batter.

5. Heat the pan and pour the cooking oil.

6. When the oil is hot enough, deep-fry the quail eggs by scooping them from the mixing bowl using a spoon. Make sure that each is coated with batter.

7. After a few minutes, remove the fried quail eggs from the pan and place in a serving plate.

H1.ere is for the kwek-kwek sauce


1 box flour

4 cups of water

8 tbsp of soy s




1. Mix all the ingredients in the sauce pan. Heat it up while continuously mixing the ingredients. Keep mixing until the sauce is sticky enough.

2. Before turning off the heat, add red pepper. If you want to add a little more taste, you can add Maggi Magic Sarap.


Aside from being sure that what you are eating is safe, cooking your own kwek-kwek can help you explore other possibilities in cooking. You can tweak a little bit of the recipe so that it can fit your own tastebuds Stay tuned for the next installment of Do-it-yourself Street foods and for now, enjoy eating your kwek-kwek!