As you started walking around this street, you wouldn’t feel the pressure between these two giant universities, because as we all know, University of the East, and Far Eastern University is said to be the mortal enemies inside the
court every UAAP Season.  But in R.Papa Street, you would see a lot of warriors and tamaraws eating together, sharing seats, and enjoying each other’s company. This is a street that most of the college students are fun of calling it as the “Hepa Lane”.

Hepa Lane is said to be stalls of different street foods such as kikiams, kwek kwek, fish balls, isaw, calamares, hotdogs, burgers, fries, and a lot more. It was
located in R.Papa Street; it’s in between the Lepanto Gate of UE and FEU Gymnasium.

One of the reasons why many college students used to buy foods here in Hepa lane is because of its cheap prices, and variety of choices. For 20 pesos, you
could already have 5pcs of siomai with rice, if you want de lata such as corned tuna, and corned beef, 25 pesos only with rice. There’s also RBX (rice in a box) in hepa lane, for 39 pesos you could avail Chicken Yangchow/Ham and bacon Yang chow.

Another reason for loving hepa lane is because we, Filipinos likes pica pica or finger foods, or what we also called “tusok tusok”. In hepa lane, yo
u could buy Kwek kwek, and chicken balls for 2.50 pesos, Isaw per stick, dumplings, and siomai for only 5 pesos, and 5 cents for fish balls. There are also banana cue and maruya for only 20-25 pesos.

However, while these foods maybe cheap, absolutely delicious and great for instant relief from hunger and thirst; these also open us
to the possibility of having hepatitis A. Hepatitis A is said to be the inflammation of the liver because of eating or drinking food or water that has been contaminated. And if this could not be treated right away, it could lead to kidney failures.

We can consider the following symptoms to know if we have hepatitis A: dark urine, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, vomiting, and yellowish eyes.However, regardless of this information, why do many people still loves to eat street foods?


I’ve found a group of people studying at the University of the East who even created a fan page in Face Book entitled “Hepalane”, I was surprised that these people are my batch mates. They made“about me” information that says “Mission: Busugin ang inyong tiyan na gutom. Products: Food and Beverages na swak-na-swak sa inyong bulsa”. They also upload pictures of the hepa lane, and even the students who love to buy these foods.

I believe that one of their reasons of loving street foods is not always because of its cheap, but because it also serves as a bonding moment among their friends. You can share everything while eating calamares, you can laugh, and cry at the same time while eating adidas, dugo, and beta max.

Personally, I’ve tried eating in Hepa Lane a lot of times just like other people. For 50 pesos, I can manage to eat all of my favorite street foods in just 30 minutes. Just recently, I ate almost 10 fish balls and 5 kwek kwek and when I went home, I suddenly felt an abdominal pain. That’s why now, I’m afraid and I promise to myself not to eat street foods ever again. I just don’t know how long I can take to ignore my favorite isaw, and fish ball, but I will try my very best to control the wicked temptation.

There’s a chinese saying, “To the ruler, the people are the heaven; to the people, food is heaven.” Very true, most especially for the Filipinos. We really love eating, and I guess, eating is our habit, even though there’s no longer money left inside our pocket, we would still find ways just to eat our favorite foods.

However, we should keep in mind that everything that is too much is not good. This is a reminder for everyone, we need to balance and learn how to discipline our selves most especially if we are still young. It doesn’t mean that we should not eat street foods anymore, because for me, street foods will always be a part of our Filipino culture. It is something that we can be proud of, and an attraction also to our tourists. We just need to take things moderately and also, to start having a healthy lifestyle when there’s still a lot of time. We must control ourselves, before its too late.