Now a days, hepatitis and colon cancer are the usual sickness that develops to many people whether young or old. There are many reasons on how these diseases develop, it may be cause
by dirty food we eat and not clean liquids that we are drinking.


According to PhD Dr. Merlyn Duyan, she argued that one of the root caused why many people suffer from hepatitis and develop colon cancer is that they often get from the food they eat, foods that are not clean such as unclean street foods. The Philippines climate has a high temperature that’s why it’s not safe to eat street foods most especially those meat and different variety of chicken parts that are grilled.

Most students and working people prefer to eat street foods after school and from work instead of dining in an expensive restaurant or food chain they rather choose to have their meal and snack on the different stalls of street food found everywhere, from the school gate, outside churches, parks and almost every street in Manila a street food cart. Much of the food sold at these stalls, such as crab-meat bars, fish bubbles, chicken wings,hot dogs, siomai, barbecue,fish balls, squid balls, chicken balls,kikiam,kwek-kwek,taho,goto,batchoy,chicharon,chicken feet,and balut.With just 20.00 you can have a meal, rice with viand and just add 5.00 for buko juice and this could fill your hungry stomach. It’s quite affordable and pocket friendly but we don’t mind the big danger that could contribute diseases inside our intestines and this is a root cause why many people suffer from hepatitis and develop a colon sickness that might lead to cancer.

Food Poisoning can cause fatal effects or even death to people who are at risk when eating street food. Street vendors serve their food hot but are we sure it’s safe? Just like fried calamares, which we import from other countries and this is preserved through huge amount of formalin. According to study findings: It was found out by BFAD (Bureau of Food and Drugs) through a series of laboratory tests that there’s a huge amount of formalin, a form of formaldehyde (a preservative) in the frozen squids being imported from nearby countries ( the recorded specimen was from China).
We are looking for cheap food in order for us not to expend much money but we are not secured for what we are eating for. How much more if we have these diseases, at the end of time we will be the onr to suffer.

It’s not quite bad if we eat street food but we must be conscoius on what we are eating. But we cannot stop the daily routine of every Filipino to vast there selves with different kind of street food. This is part of there culture and a sign that you are truly pinoy if you eat this kind of food.