I remember my mom doesn’t allow us to eat street foods she said that you can get stomach flu and hepatitis and as a good girl I obey her. But the look of scramble and other children eating it joyfully and looks satisfied, I try to eat scramble the pink low class sherbet though I was hopefully to taste a strawberry flavor scramble because it was usually colored pink.

I remember the first time I taste a scramble it was sweet, because of the condense milk and cold because of the shave ice, it was cheap scramble only for five pesos and Manong Teban ( he usually sell this scramble after school hours) the best maker of scramble for me, always made my day having his low class sherbet.

Aside from scramble there are fish balls, kikiam, maruya fried banana that mold like pancakes with a bit of sugar on top, hot cake (though it was cold already usually this is made with flour milk and top with butter and sugar) well this are some street foods that I know back then.

But when I studied in Manila there is a street called HEPALANE famous for any street food but I like the isaw one (chicken intestine put to a batter and fried until crunchy and tasty) . This definitely make my day though I’m not allowed to eat a lot of chicken intestines because I’ll get rash still I try to eat them once in a while. In Hepalane you can find a lot of street foods form burgers to soimai steamed or fried but the scramble here is not that famous. But when I saw a girl selling a scramble I was amazed because the scramble I that I saw have different toppings and it was pretty much expensive than before and it have a variety of sizes to choose form.

Yes the scramble who have a the same color same taste but different in toppings you can add small kisses, crushed cookies, chocolate and strawberry syrup, rice crisps, marsh mellow and powder milk. But there’s something missing in the scramble the sweet condense milk, and the scramble now have different colors depending on their flavor. I am thrilled to taste all of the flavors available but nothing compares to Mang Tebans old scramble, the simplicity and the cheapness of the scramble.

It was fun to roam around in the hepalane and taste different kind of street food but nothing compares to the good old comfort food that I used to eat and make me smile. 😀