Have you ever wonder this kind of situation where you will spend your Christmas with other family not with your love ones and far away from home. For me it’s hard to celebrate the Christmas alone, we feel empty about ourselves and it is unacceptable towards our feelings.

Thousands of Oversea Filipino Workers (OFW) go and work abroad, they live there families inorder to earn money and spend for their daily living. It takes years before they come back but others return in their ‘home sweet home’ during Christmas season. They want to spend their Christmas together with their love ones.  Just like my Auntie name Percy Rosin who is an oversea worker in Dubai for four years, every year she always spend her Christmas here in the Philippines. One time I asked her “Why do you need to have a long journey and spend an expensive fair in order to spend your Christmas here in the Philippines?  After few seconds  she replied “the Christmas here in the Philippines is unique  there is no such thing you can compare the way Filipinos celebrate Christmas, in middle east the people don’t prepare for this holiday season, they just go on with their own businesses and focus with their works. There are some people who celebrate the Christmas in Middle East and I’m pretty much sure that most of them are Filipinos. The Muslim people don’t give much attention if it is Christmas time because they have their  own celebration”. Her answer makes me feel that we are a true Christian people because we spend more time preparing for the coming of Jesus Christ. As a Christian country we prioritize this occasion as one of the most important event in our life. We celebrate it once a year and we must be thankful that our Savior is born.                                                                                                   Image

Christmas in the Dubai

Muslims people don’t celebrate Christmas during December; they have their own which is called Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha. Eidul Fitr comes after the holy month of Ramadan and two months later Eidul Adha to coincide with the Hajj this occasion comes before March. During the celebration they have a ritual practice and limitations which they must follow, like not eating different kinds of meat such as pork, beef, etc. and also other beverages like liquors, wine and beer. There are many things that  the Muslim people should consider during their Eidul Fitr or Christmas celebration compare to us Filipinos that we spend more inorder for us to feel the true essence of Christmas.Image

Christmas in the Philippines

The Philippine abuzz with so much celebration. Being the only Christian dominated country in Asia, the Philippines start the season as soon as the calendar hit the “-ber” months. So, as early as September, the countdown to Christmas begins, Christmas songs fill the airwaves, and Christmas decor adorn the malls, streets, buildings, and homes. On Christmas day, families gather together over roasted pig and party food. Then, they all go together to attend church, which is usually overcrowded on that day. That is how the Filipinos celebrate the holiday season. I think it is where the most joyful celebration of Christmas happen.


The Philippines has its colorful Christmas Celebration compare to other places . That’s why even if many Filipino work in other country ,they are far away from home but during Christmas they still prefer to commemorate their Holiday season here in the Philippines or their ‘Home Sweet Home’.