Firstly, the condition of the street must be taken into consideration. How the street looks says much about the kind of food being sold in the area. Manilans are by nature risk takers, so regardless of the street and the vendor, a starving Manilan will not hesitate to partake of anything sold which can be eaten.

The street would preferably look like this?

While the risks are always there, such as the state of sanitation, lack of control by the Bureau of Food and Drugs, freshness of the viands or lack thereof, the amount of sweat, hair, and saliva that goes to the exposed morsels, etc. – many people would not mind them at all. There is a tendency to black out such ignominy from their thoughts and just enjoy the taste of the cooked or uncooked stuff served by smiling vendors.

Pregnant women should temper their craving for Manila street food?

In my over 30 years of experience in travelling, it seems that for me hotel food appeared to have the greater risk, than say, ordering fries and hotdogs, barbeques downed with my favourite beer at street stands in places in the Philippines or other countries. But those are behind me now as I don’t get to travel much nowadays and the risk for older citizens like me are a bit higher.

This surely is a yummy alternative!

I particularly like the street food fare, not in Manila, but in southern cities such as Bacolod, Dumaguete, Cebu, Davao, Puerto Princesa, and Dipolog cities. In other countries, there are plenty and reflects much on their dining culture. For example, there would be more noodles and rice or veggies in Thailand. In European countries, there will be lots of fries and meat preparations. The popular shawarma in Manila is called falafel, or something similar, somewhere else.

Pizza as street food in Manila?

Of course, as a Filipino, it is always fun (not to be confused with the Tourism slogan) to be out eating in the streets, not alone but with your family or friends. To really enjoy it requires choosing only those that can be tolerated by your own intestines! Otherwise, the fun part becomes painful a few hours later.

Everyone's favourite, chocolates. Soon in the streets of Manila?