Every one of us has each New Year’s resolution every year. Each one of us have promise to itself to become a better person when there is a change of year; I for example wanted removed my bad habits (like sleeping late in the night) and on the other hand improve the qualities I have towards other people (such as being helpful).

                But these resolutions we promised to do at the beginning of the year often became questionable at the latter months when we start to ask ourselves if we did or accomplish these resolutions. Maybe some of us may say yes and can proudly proclaim that he or she has improved. But what about those who often failed to kept their promises or resolutions? They are the ones who get tired in wanting change and the ones who just accept the fact that they cannot improve anymore.

                Well, I think nothing is too late until there is time and rooms left (to grow) for improvement. Resolutions will only be accomplish if one person is determine to do it. You just need to push yourself and have the knowledge on how to succeed over this challenge. Let this simple tips guide you and help you to do this promises and resolutions done:

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Ask Yourself First


                Every traveller knows where they are going; the direction that they will take, the hours that will take to go there, and the things that he or she will do after being in the place that they planned to go. You too must know what you are going to do. Ask yourself how important you want these resolutions to be accomplish. Ask yourself how much eager you are to do it. And if you finally figure out that you are really determine to do these resolutions, then we will proceed in our next steps, but if you feel that you are undecided to it, then you should stop first and think again, because you will have little chance to accomplish it if you’re not completely up in this challenge. So ask yourself first and make your choice.


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Create a Task List

                Now if you’re decided to do it and ready to take my tips, here is what you should do next. In this case, we will change the term ‘resolution’ into term ‘task(s)’ so that I can further explain to you the tips that I’m giving. Write down the task(s) that you want to accomplish. You can write your task on a piece of paper (or in your computer, on your notebook, diary, anything that will remind you about you’re task).If your task is to reduce the number of cigarette intake you do in a day, and then write it, If your task is to become slender, and then write it too. Write the progress that you will have over your task, write also the mistakes you do, such as smoking a pack of cigarette again, eating cholesterol food and forgetting to have a minute of exercise. Write these mistakes and analyze why you did these. Figure out how you can avoid these mistakes.

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Ask for Help

                If you have a member of your family, a close friend, or a helpful acquaintance that can spare a little time to watch you and give you a hand over your task, then ask for his or her help. This buddy of yours could act as a trainer (and you are the trainee) that can see your improvement and can stop you from committing mistakes. He or she might prohibit you to take more sticks of cigarette or to eat more ice creams, or to take one or two extra rice during your lunch. But this trainer will not be always around to watch you. In this case you can cheat over him/her.  But remember that when you cheat, it will not be a loss of your trainer, it will be probably your loss, and you’re just going to cheat over yourself.  Be dedicate to your task in order to return the favour that your trainer has gave to you. In doing so, you will reap the achievement you want in the end together with your trainer.

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Look Forward and Be Inspired

                Set your pace towards tomorrow. Think of the benefits that you will have if fortunately you accomplish your task. Think of what you will get when you minimize your cigarette intake; think of the possibility that you will become healthy and you might avoid of having a lung cancer and other disease. You might spare your family in having disease and you might also save some coins to buy for food instead of cigarette. Know that the other people will also have the opportunity to gain benefits when you improved. Just put in your mind that you will not only this task just for yourself but also for the people around you. Make them as your inspiration and strength in doing this task.


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Stay Tough and Happy

                There is a word in the Bible (Galatians 6:9) that says “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we do not give up.” To relate this on your task, you must keep on trying to accomplish it even dough there would be hardships along the way. Be aware that doing these tasks would not be easy. Temptation, distress and fear would definitely be a huge “stumbling block” that will stop you in achieving your goals. Monster(s) inside your mind will try to push you to take more cigarette sticks and it will try to make you forget the promises you made at the start of the year. Disappointment and stress will urge you drink more alcohol and eat more fatty foods that will make your body size larger. And suddenly you will realize that you lose track over your task. But have faith my friend. Believe that the heaven above is always there to help you and it is eager to see your improvement. Just be optimistic in doing this task. You must keep on going and at the same be happy in doing it. Do not get tired and weary. The taste of victory will be sweet when you overcome these hindrances. Do not lose heart; I know you can do it.

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Be a Finisher

                Finish what you started. Everyone seems so intense in accomplishing their task at the beginning of the year. But as the year goes on, the intensity of finishing these tasks suddenly goes low and eventually dies as they forget that they made a promise. Now I do not want you to be like that. I want you to become not just a starter but also a finisher. Be a strong finisher. Double the intense and effort when you are just starting in doing this task. Put all your in efforts in accomplishing it. Remember in the first place why you had promise to do this task. Think about the efforts that you already put at the beginning. Are all these efforts are going into nothing? Your almost there, and why would you stop when there is just a few steps away from victory? Do not be vain, but keep pouring like a rain.  

                As you do your resolutions as the year goes by, let me greet you good luck, a luck that I hope that may stay with you through the rest of the year. A fine and blessed new seasons to start all over again that we may offer our year to the Lords favour.

                I hope that you won’t lose heart in keeping your promise up to the end of this year. Try and try to succeed until the fireworks scattered noise to our ears once again, so that we may tackle another new year’s resolution in the years to come.


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