For what I will, I will, and there’s an end.

                                                -William Shakespeare.

Aside from the mouth-watering foods served during New year’s celebration, the noise and the fireworks that colored the sky so bright (not mentioning the pollution it brought), there is another inevitable thing that comes after all of these stuffs: the legendary New year’s resolution.


Can't fulfilled your resolutions?

As if part of the tradition, it is automatic for us to want a fresh new start every year changes. We cling to the idea of pressing the restart button and try (as much as we can) to not revert from our old dirty habits of the previous year and convert them instead to values that will make us a better individual living here on earth.

But the underlying question here is, why most of the resolutions do not last? Want to know why you can’t keep your promises and end up taking them for granted then just reviving them again whenever New year is coming?

Scroll down, read on.


                As I was randomly browsing the net, I found the five trending resolutions that most of us want to target this year. Here are they:

  • Lose Weight, Gain Confidence

    Want to lose weight this year?

                First on the list is to lose weight. In our country where majority is getting more and more health-conscious, it’s plain and obvious why they want to avoid obesity,that is to gain confidence. The reason is not solely the health benefit itself.

                One of my room-mates started this resolution last year. She never tries any medicine though, just the usual way of tormenting herself not to eat delicious carbs and having one meal per day. She motivates herself to have discipline on what she eats, watching carefully foods to avoid. But I observe that the more she limits herself, the more she acquires lot of foods. And so she somehow fail to achieve her resolution just like what others are ending up.

  • Take Care of the Piggy Bank

Saving money is a good resolution most especially if you can materialize it.


               Admittedly, this is one of my resolution this year. Given the tight economic condition that we have, it’s wise to keep something you can use when there is an unexpected call for it.

                This is an old resolution of mine and I even started it when I was a kid. I usually recycled the empty container of a baby powder and used scissor to make a horizontal opening where I can drop my peso coins. Then after a day or so, I would make believe myself that I already badly needed my savings just to buy some toys that I like. I never experience a full-tank kind of alkansya then because of that.

  • Pay All Debts

To make the year a fresh start, paying debtssss will help you make life's worries less burden.

                This is a more matured-type of resolution. No one likes burden, that’s a fact. If only it’s possible to pay debts all at once, most of us will do because many also believe that it attracts good luck when starting the year right without the hassles of debts, financially speaking or not. Somehow, this is related to saving money so to be used as payments.

  • Have Good Grades

    Achieving good grades is the greatest gift you can give to your parents.

                In a student point-of-view, this will be more of a challenge than a resolution. Add the consistency of sticking to your promise on your parents that you will have those glamorous grades and not just hooked-kind of grades, pressure will sure follows.

                My little bother is a living proof of this. He always promises us  good grades every year but ending up studying the principles and elements of video games and having more time watching television than doing his homeworks. Although I often try to offer him some motivations, the willingness is just on the start.

  • Stop Vices, Live Long Life

    Just like him who can't quit vices?

                Lastly, this resolution make it on the list, the most wished of all especially among adults who are already on the stage of (late) realization that health is really wealth.

                I never have vices (neither will I have) but I observe that this is one of the most challenging resolution. Why? Because as the quote goes ‘Once an addict, will always be an addict,’ there’s always this temptation to give in when the call of the vices comes to allure you. Diminishing it will require realistic motivation and faith.


                We want change. That’s the reason why we always found ourselves scribbling resolutions on a paper every year. We desire new great things to happen for the coming year. We all want to be optimistic.

                There’s nothing wrong with it. Actually this helps us to have clear direction to jumpstart the year and improve our old life. What the problem is , most of us don’t usually follow those resolutions. They are there for a while with your inexplicable zest to fulfill it then as the time goes by, it all gone. In Filipino term ‘Ningas Kugon.’ Easy said than done.

                There is something wrong why we always end up to unfulfilled resolutions. Because the focus of all of them is ourselves.

                The selfish pursuit that we have make all of these waste. We don’t need to revise our resolutions. What we need to do is to change our attitude towards our resolutions. Changing ourselves for a better, dedicating it to others will make you more motivated to fulfill it.

                Lose weight not just for you to become fab, but to inspire others to have the discipline of eating right and valuing health. Lose weight for your loved one and forget getting envied by others.

                Save money for a cause. You can donate it to victims of typhoons or just even giving it to your mom whenever financial crisis occurs in the family.

                Pay all debts with the thinking that the person whom you borrowed might need it now. You owe them something which is tantamount to commitment.

                Have good grades not to have additional allowance but to make your parents proud. Making them realize that their hard work is paid-off through your excellent performance in school, will push you to continue this resolution as a long time goal.

                Stop vices not just for yourself but as well for those who love you. Your life is intertwined to others. Instead of wasting time for looooooooooong drinking session or one hour smoking five packs of cigarette, why spend it having good laughs and hearty talks to your friends?

                The secret of fulfilling resolutions is by setting aside yourself to teh center and letting others be your focus. There’s no other way around. Try it and you’ll see how it works.