“Promises are meant to be broken”

This might sound cliché, but undeniably true. These promises are very applicable during New Year, we traditionally list down our resolutions every year by setting up our goals and priorities in life, changing our bad habits, and improving our own selves. We might not do all of these resolutions throughout the year, and we might even failed to keep our promises, but at least we are open for possibilities to make a change for us to be a better person.

Personally, I love listing down my resolutions every year, even though I always end up with broken promises, because I understand that I’m still immature during those times and not that responsible in my decisions in life. But still, it doesn’t stop there, now that I’m already 20 years of age, and a graduating student, resolutions became more important to me. This will serves as a guide, as well as a motivation for me to be a responsible individual, and more matured to handle everything that will go along my way.

In order to attain my target goals this year, here are my 2012 New Year’s Resolution.

1.)    GOOD VIBES all the way.

I’m a very pessimistic person, and I really want to change this kind of attitude. This year, I will stay away from any negative vibes, and just be positive in many ways.

2.)    Strive HARDER.

This will be my last year in University of the East; I will make it a point to study well, and hopefully, to GRADUATE on TIME.

3.)    Boost that CONFIDENCE.

Ever since, boosting my self confidence is one of my weaknesses. I don’t trust myself that much and I always end up having self pity. I know this is not good for me, most especially after graduation. To find a stable job, being “mahiyain” is not advisable. That’s why now, I will do everything to be more confident, and have a strong personality.



4.)    Be PUNCTUAL.

I admit that whenever there will be a meeting, I’m always late. I need to be eager for any appointments, and I should not always practice being late all the time. Be on time, and learn how to act like a real professional is what I should do.

5.)    Act like a real 20 years OLD lady.

I’m already 20 years old, but I still act like a high school student. I’m immature in many ways; I’m a cry baby, sensitive, and very childish. I should learn how to set aside my feelings over a certain incident, I should accept criticisms, and avoid being too emotional.


These are my top 5 resolutions; I will try my very best to do all these things, it’s not too late to change the old me. I will assure that if not all, at least half of my promises will be accomplished most especially this year.



For everybody, Keeping or breaking our promises will depend of how we discipline ourselves, and how determined we are to embrace those big changes. We just need to be sincere, to avoid  New year’s resolution to be an epic failure.