Last week of December almost everyone is thinking about their new year’s Resolution, some are writing them on a piece of a paper while others are memorizing their own resolution by heart wishing that they would keep their promise as the year goes by.

Well when this topic is chosen by my classmates I was wondering what the heck am I going to write, because I don’t really make it a habit to make my new year’s resolution, but making one isn’t really easy too. But then again I try to write my first ever new year’s resolution (making one is surely a hard task for me)

1. To develop my time management skills, why? Because when you’re a youth leader most of the time you have to be available for your church mates, to check if we’re all doing our assigned task and most of the time you have to go one place to another just to attend the meetings, trainings and seminars to represent your parish, after all these things and meeting, I have no time for my family and friends and I have no time for myself to enjoy other things. This year I must find time to take a day one at a time.

2. To complete the books of Bob Ong, Ricky Lee and Eros Atalia, and to complete the series of Pugad Baboy , maybe because as a student I look up to their writing styles they have good books and excellent writing styles. So far I manage to complete the books of Bob Ong and Ricky Lee, but I have a hard time to find the book of Eros Atalia entitled “Peksman nagsisinungaling ako” (someone stolen the book from me so I have to buy one again) and the comic series of Pol Media (the creator of Pugad baboy) because some of his past comic book are already out of stock (so if you have a copy of Pugad Baboy 2 can I buy it? Haha). And I would also love to have a copy of “Catcher in the Rye”. I am just proud that there are many good writers here in our country.

3. This would sound cheesy but I have to be the good daughter, sister, friend that I can be and a girlfriend (oo may boyfriend ako), maybe after the heart breaking news to my parents that I can’t make it in this March or April graduation, I realize that my mom was excited about it but I failed. (Epic failed?), and as a daughter they always give what I want and my needs. Truly they are awesome, amazing and for me the perfect parents any kid could have. As a sister (biologically or just soul sisters) I would try not to say mean words to them (haha I have loud mouth). As a friend, I try to attend our gatherings (God knows how much I miss my old friends) to catch up with them, how well are they doing these days, and making effort to make them happy or to just to be with them on special days. And lastly as girlfriend because we are both youth leaders in different religion it is really hard for us to see each other because I have to attend meeting and he had to do other stuff too for his co-youth workers, hopefully we would find a special date to celebrate our monthsarries and other cheesy stuff (trivia we don’t really remember what is the exact date when we both agreed that we should be together, hahaha oo alam ko makakalimutin kameng dalawa but it doesn’t matter when we don’t celebrate monthsary, just because we have each other is enough is not about how many months or years you have each other it’s about the hard days or happy days as long as we have each other for a long time it is a miracle for both of us .) (cheesy lines)

4. Maybe I also want to become a grateful person every single day of my life, because every day is a miracle for me, this means even if I always made a mistakes still God wakes me up every single day to remind me that he loves me (I’m sure he loves you too), that no matter what stupid things I do still he love me unconditionally, I am grateful for all the family, friends that I have. I am grateful for every up’s and downs that I face, it makes me the person who am I today.

Making this 4 new year’s resolution took me a long time I really think what should I write, what should I accomplish and to memorize it by heart to breath with the resolutions to be one with me, truly making this list is a hard task.