(Note this is the story of my love life and please bear with the errors that you might see feel free to correct them, warning this is a long a article, you will also read a script like formats thank you)

We all have our first crush and first love, we also remember the moments we have shared with those people but isn’t much better if we could spend time for the second time around with those person who makes us smile, laugh, the kilig moments. For some it is sweeter the second time around.

The First Chance

Kurt and I were high school frienemies (friends plus enemies equals frienemies) he was my former classmate since second year high school. During second year high school was just a buddy in school but he was the person who irritates me most he always checking my bag, hiding my stuffs, but most of the time I have my revenge to him I remember that I put a little flower pot inside his bag to get even with him, he even brought home the flower pot (he has a habit not to check his bag before going home). The next day he throw the pot inside our classroom and kept asking who put the flower pot in his bag, even I’m shaking I raise my hand and shout “ako ang naglagay sa bag mo ng lintik na pasong yan” then he walk out.

On our junior year I got to know his mom Tita/Mama Thess because we always do our group projects to their because of free foods (her mom makes a mouth watering puto and brownies), Tita Thess always make excess puto so I can bring home some for my mom (when I was in my junior year I have my curfew so whenever I got home late Tita Thess always sends me to home, so my mom wont scold me she’s like my kakampi ) and she told me “sana ikaw na lang ang girlfriend ng anak ko, bagay naman kayo ” I was shock and speechless, but when Kurt got a girlfriend, we parted our ways he became busy with his girlfriend and I became busy with church activities, we rarely talk to each other, he got pre-occupied with his love life forgetting our frienemies status.

But one day he texted me, (This happened on our senior year)

Kurt: shielalalalalala kurt to pwede ba kong pumunta sa inyo?
Me: sure thing duling bakit boy?
Kurt: gaga ka talaga, magpapaturo ng homework?
Me: dala kang puto haha
Kurt: di gumawa si mama ng puto eh, hinahanap ka nga sakin ni mama
Me: wala din akong homework, walang puto eh pakisabi batas military si mama ayaw akong paalisin
Kurt: hugis puto ka na, papunta na ko dyan sa inyo
Me: lumipat na kame ng bahay
Kurt: gaga ka talaga 😛 di naman kayo lilipat ng bahay eh
Me: eh sa lumipat na kame eh
Kurt: dito na ko sa labas ng bahay nyo, labas sa lungga Shie!!

Then I heard him shouting “Taooooo poooo, Taooooo pooo yung asoo nyoo poo papalapit naaa ” (just like the vendors selling Taho or ballot but with the tone of fear ). I was laughing when I see him but I stop laughing when he handed me a one liter box of Chuckie (chuckie is a very delicious chocolate drink for me).

Me: pasok ka muna. Salamat dito (waving the one liter box of Chuckie)
Kurt: wag na shie saglit lang naman ako, wala din naman tayong home work eh, may sasabihin lang ako sayo pati
Me: pumasok ka na, oo nga walang home work, ano yun?
Kurt: Mag ka college na tayo, di na kita madalas makikita
Me: pumasa na ko sa UE ikaw san ka mag-aaral?
Kurt: ewan ko pa, pero di yun ang pinunta ko
Me: (sweating like a marathon runner, I was nervous and shaking) eh bat ka nga ba nagpunta dito?
Kurt: Dyan ba si Tita Thess? (our mom have the same nicknames)
Me: oo, tawagin ko ba?
Kurt: oo, tawagin mo..
Me: bakit ko tatawagin??
Kurt: basta..
Me: baka isumbong mo ko dun ah
Kurt: gaga hindi may sasabihin lang ako importante
Me: okay, (as I call my mom not knowing what he will say to her)
Mama: oh bat coy (kurt’s nickname is coy)
Kurt: pwede ko po bang ayain si Shie na maging prom date ko?
Mama: oo naman Coy, pwede naman, salamat sa pagtanong sakin iho.
Kurt: salamat po Tita, kinabahan ka no (talking to me)
Me: (starring to them, and being shocked at the same time) loko di no
Kurt: bat ka pinagpapawisan?
Mama: iho bawal muna mag borfriend tong si Shiela ah
Kurt: opo, alam ko po yun
Me: ma inaaya lang ako sa prom..
Mama: mabuti na yung malinaw.

(you just read a script haha, but seriously he was that serious to ask me out on our prom, I felt like a princess that time haha)

In prom practice we usually escape, just to take some rest to our annoying instructor because he keeps on saying out loud that we look cute for each other etc. When the prom day arrived he even fetch me to our house, everyone is present during our prom his mom, dad, and older brother Rob and my mom, they were all excited about the night they watched us dance together.

After the prom we stayed in their house his dad threw us a memorable sleep over, but my mom only let me stay until one in the morning, during one of the games the spin the bottle we only have to answer truth nothing but the truth questions.

The bottle points at him the question was “Coy ano ba si shiela sayo?” kurt answered “sya yung taong laging nagpapatawa sakin kahit wala sa hulog ang mga joke nya,marunong makisama,masarap kasama,nakakalimutan ko yung problema ko pagbarirnig ko yung mga kwent nya, mapagbigay, sya yung babaeng..” then he stop answering the question leaving the rest of us hanging and thinking what would he say next. Then he said “lika na Shie hated na kita malapit na mag-ala una baka magalit si tita sayo”. After that night he don’t bother to talk to me anymore, he even change his number, he don’t sit near to me anymore.

But on our graduation day he talk to me and said “Shie, ingat ka sa UE ah, may pagka tanga-tanga ka pa naman wag kang sasali ng mga rally sa Mendiola”, I just smiled to him and walk away but he followed me and said “sana may chance pa ulit tayo katulad nun prom, maibalik ko sa lahat katulad ng dati” then he walk away leaving me standing in the middle of the crowd, thinking is there a chance for us to be close as ever? Or second chance is not for everyone, everyone has their own time.

The Second Chance for us

When we got in college I always get a text from him asking if everything was okay, if I enjoy staying here in Manila. We became closer again as best friends, until one day he said that he love me not as a best friend but as a lady, I was shock (Kurt was my first boyfriend) not knowing what to do. He courted me until the day I said yes (but I don’t remember the exact date that I said yes to him, but I do remember the ways that he exerted efforts just to say yes to him). His parents are very supportive to us they even went to UE to fetch me after school so we could eat together and accompany me to get home.

Kurt even suggested that it is about time to tell my parents that we our together, he had to face my mom and I have to go to their house to meet his parents again, but for different reasons to tell them finally the long wait is over.

the first gift that he gave to me the pink cassette protector

Me: Mama, si Kurt
Mama: oo nga sya si Kurt
Me: alam mo nay un (blushing)
Mama: di ko pa alam, ano ba yun?
Me: alam mo na yun, pa inosente pa kayo eh
Mama: ano ba kasi yun??
Kurt and I: kame na po
Mama: waaw ha, buti sinagot mo anak ko Coy
Kurt: (confused, but smiling and blushing) ako po yung nanligaw
Mama: o sya behave kayong dalawa ha?. Sabi ko na nga kayo eh..
Me: haha di naman po kayo galit or something?
Kurt: okay lang po ba talaga?
Mama: oo naman, ang mahalaga nagsabi kayo.

Kurt: Ma, Pa si Shie po girlfriend ko na
Tito Nestor: (smiled) kelan pa kayo Shie? Welcome sa pamilya namin
Me: (parang napilipit ang boses) kahapon lang po
Tita Thess: sa wakas nagging kayo din..
Tito Nestor: hahaha oo nga ang tagal naming initay na maging kayo
Kurt: (whispering to me) sabi sayo eh tanggap ka ditto samin eh..

(Surprisingly after all those years her mom is always asking him about me)

an old high school photo of Kurt and I

It really takes a lot of courage telling our parents that we are official together then I remember what he said to me he wanted the second chance to be with me, well then let’s just say that we had our time back then but we let it passed, now we had our chance again to make things right, to fill those times that we missed. Now I truly believe in LOVE IS SWEETER THE SECOND TIME AROUND.