We get challenges, every so often, but not all of them end well. In fact, some of them make the best of us, and some the worst, right? Although some people give up easily when they fall, I am one who just doesn’t lie down and blame the whole world for the misfortunes. I try to stand up right away and continue to walk. This is what I call, my second chance (s).




Like you and the rest of the mortals around us, I have been through so many challenges. Challenges that pushed my limits, challenges that probably dried my sweat, challenges that humbled me from doing so many things I wouldn’t normally do. A bit melodramatic but I assure you all of them contributed to who I am today!

Just after a year in college, I tried applying for a job.  Guess what? I was rejected so many times that even my fingers couldn’t keep up from counting! Although I knew I could do the work and would be eager to do the job well than the other workers in those establishments, I was just not accepted because of being a student. That was probably my official tastes of what they call, “employment-rejection”. Though a bit humiliating and totally a waste of time falling-in-line, filling up those idiotic-application forms, I just thought I have to stand up right away! And one day, an international franchise firm took a chance on me and accepted me as a salesman at Marks & Spencer. It was definitely a tiring thing to do, work plus school, but the moral of the story was not giving up and just continue walking.

The latter part of my college life was even more challenging as tuition, project and extra-curricular fees were piling up like tall buildings of Makati. But again, with my keep-on-walking spirit, I never gave up. I thought of them as just simple challenges  trying to push my limits.

Challenges, second chances are part of anyone’s life. All I could say is walk…just continue to walk. Sometimes the best part is not the destination but the journey. It’s the journey that defines who you are. Cherish and do well on your second chances.

Keep walking.