No one is perfect in this world and all of us commit mistakes.  But, have we realized or accepted the wrong things we have done, and have we done something to correct it? As the saying goes, we learn from our mistakes but more often than not, we commit the same mistakes over and over again. And once apprehended, we always say “sorry” – one of the most abused words used by people in the dictionary.

Funny but true, before the end of every year, most of us try to write or think on some of our new year’s resolution. I’m one of them. I’m a believer that in case your year ended not satisfying, you should try your very best on the upcoming year.

About me, I’m thankful that my birth date is on the first week of January. It just means that I was born to start a new beginning. Since I was a kid, I kept telling to myself that my birth date is not just an accident, but it has something magical in it. Yes, for me it is. Every year I have the thinking that I should keep on doubling my effort to make my upcoming year far better than the last.

This type of thinking managed me to put where I am now. I may be typical like everybody else but I know that my beliefs would bring me somewhere that others can’t. I exist to pursue my goals and give a strong foundation in it to make sure that I will be able to withstand any obstacles ahead.

My way of starting every New Year is to dispose everything from my past (what I mean to say are the bad happenings), and make a brand new one. My knowledge and experience can’t be taken from me by anyone else and only I can use it to bring myself to my much awaited dreams in life.

If some other people just want to procrastinate and live a stagnant life, don’t compare me to them. I want everything fresh each year, because for me it symbolizes my way of collecting and cherishing different memories from all types of field and people.

I remove bad habits, memories, and experiences easily because I know it won’t help me to be a better person. That is my one and only New Year’s Resolution… Yesterday can’t be tomorrow.

But I have a question that keeps on bugging me; it is why do we need to wait for New Year to come before making ourselves better? Is there a magic on having a new resolution before each year? Or is it just the culture that we are following? 

No matter what our resolution is, or how we should make it happen, it will always be based on how we make our life the best possible for the entire year.