HAPPY HEARTS MONTH!!Yeah, its heart’s season again, the time when cards, chocolates and flowers are most in demand. Not everyone celebrates V-day; single people would rather sleep, go to a party with friends or simply work and spend the day like nothing to celebrate about.

Valentine’s day is maybe the day for couples , love birds and people who have love life but for me it is also a day to celebrate love and life. People who got to have second chance of life, second chance of love second chance of success and everything in there should celebrate.  Now, let us get inspired to these short second chances stories as some of our college peers shared their heart-pounding, thrilling and simply gratifying second chances experience.



When I was in elementary, I had a BF whom I broke up with when I was in High School, I love him and he loves me. But because of our age, reckless attitude and academic constraints  we had no choice but to part ways. Now he is studying in UST We are at the right age and at the right time, niligawan nya ako ulit and I gave him a second chance. Now we are happy together! Rita Ibuna, 20, UE



Just few months ago, I came home very exhausted at the same time starving. So I ate my dinner lavishly and then got to sleep roughly 5 minutes after. In the middle of the night I felt my heart tightening  and found myself gasping for air, My dad told me when I got conscious, that I was experiencing the so-called “bangungot”  it was my first time to experience such near death experience. When my dad woke me up I felt like I was numb and terribly cold. Some expert then said that If my dad would have not come early to wake me would have been taken away by death. So now, I am thankful for this second chance of life that God has granted me.-Alfonso Zulaybar, 18, UE.


When I was in second year High school I was living a semi-pressured life of a scholar kid. , My parents always guide and monitor my school performance and asked me never to lose my scholarship, I promised them not to. But then again promises are made to be broken. I at verge of problems and felt like the whole world is falling before me. My Math teacher said that I will not be able to make it. I cried. I really cried, and then I prayed and asked my teacher if I can do something to make up my failing grade. Fortunately that teacher of mine gave me a second chance to report something and I passed it so now, I totally acknowledged the need to be hardworking and serious if you want to achieve or maintain something Mariell Dazo, 18, UE.





In 2006 I had a boyfriend, church mate ko siya, He is very kind, generous and a real dapper. But because of our complicated situation we broke up. The sad part was I told him that I don’t love him anymore when I really do love him, it’s just my parents who doesn’t want me to have a BF that time. Then in 2011 we met again in our church, college na ako nun, He asked if he can court me again then I gave her a sweet second chance, kaya nagyon Kami na ulit. Hazel Cabinian, 21 DLSU-Lipa.




I was at the wake of Lolo way back in 1999; I was really malikot and a playful kid. One time a girl called me from the opposite side of our street so I ran towards her. In my too much delight of running, I didn’t notice that a rushing truck is coming just a few meters away. I was shock and did nothing but to lay down crying thinking how a big truck suddenly able to stop just an inch before me. It was my second chance of my life and my parents told me that it was the soul of my departed Lolo who saved me.- Monica Mangalino, 21, Lyceum.


Just recently, a  necessary second chance came my way, I was at the brink of failing my major Broadcom subject, all my exams and quizzes were all failed until a professor of mine told me to lead our group for the finals it might save me from disgraced. Si I did I led my group to a production show I gave my best and was able to impress my prof, because of that my cinco became uno, yahoo!!- Jerome Lim, 19, UE




Back in 2004 I had a guy schoolmate in High school; a common friend introduced us to each other. When I got to know him I suddenly fell in love with him, he also fell in love with me each other from there our relationship started.  But our sweet relationship faced a sudden turn. After three months I foun

d out that he has been stealthily dating someone in fact some. We broke up and I decided to cut communication with him. It hurts, but I’m not really the type who can easily handle a guy who is very impulsive and playboy. After four straight (2008) years I entered college.  One day, in the middle of my retrospection, I realized that day was his birthday so I decided to greet him via Friendster. Few days later he got my number and began texting me. He insisted of meeting me up at the Legarda LRT station I’m at CEU, his in Arellano where he’s taking up BS Nursing. And while we are at the LRT He asked If I could give him a second chance, after four years? Yes it seems awkward , I don’t know what occurred me but this guy whom I broke u with four years ago is now the most important guy to me. He is my boyfriend now and I am very happy \I gave her a second chance. -Judine TY, 19, CEU



The measure of love is when you love without measure, in Life you’ll get some rare chances or second chances to meet the person you love and loves in return. So once you have him don’t ever let him go, that love might never come your way again.