She is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. Wide eyes, crooked nose, smooth skin, short hair. Everything she does is amazing. She is the best cook in the world, her kare kare, mechado, kaldereta and my favorite kamatis na may itlog. No wonder why I love and want her so badly. I just want to be with her my whole life.

When I was younger, they always ask me not to get married soon because my both parents want to enjoy us, the three kids. I, Adrian and Aerol. Me the eldest and the only girl in the family then Adrian which is a year younger than me and Aerol the youngest. The most special among the three is Adrian

At the age of three he was diagnose of midly severe autism which means he has slow mental develoment. There was no proven

medication in his illness. Only love and care from the whole family. Its hard to accept that we he has this kind of problem. I grew up with him because aerol is so much younger than we are. Im used to play with him, I never experienced playing with other kids.It was hard because I could not understand why we have to adjust in such a way. I used to hate him for he has the whole attention of our mom. But as years pass by I realized that its not a competition but a team. My mom always say that, I have to love me as much as I could because that’s the way to make things better. So I did. Loving him is not hard, he makes me laugh in his simple ways . He gives back more love than what I give him. In addition it is really amazing to see him accelerating from different things. He can draw logos of different institutions , all the flag in the world, traffic signs and assemble broken things. He knows all the types of batteries,trucks and animals. Moreover, he sculpt the whole __ using clay. Its really enchanting. Because I cant even retain 10 kinds of whatever unlike him.

Adrians life has been so harsh on us and on him. Suddenly I just stare at him and watch on what he is doing, he was trying hard ti act like normal but sadly he really can not, but as time goes by he learned so many things by watching it.He was on his 15th year when he learned to use cellphone and laptop. He also knows how to play play station.. But not good enough.

Whenever he gets tantrums,
he is really turning red and very restless when we were a kid he bit me. Now he pinch me so hard. One day adrian had a severe tantru

ms he was crying and mourning the whole night my dad walked out for he hates seing him like that. Mom was scolding him but he was r

eally angry until my mom cried. That is the first time I saw her cry. Suddenly, adrian stopped and Hugged mom. That’s t

he only night that I saw my mom’s inferior side. Made me think that its fine to cry. My mom is a registered nurse in Us, she used to work in one of the most retigious hositals in the world. But because of Adrian’s case. She left her job and stay with us . Besides, she worked on secial school where adrian was enrolled. She loves her job. She has a lot of secial students, Downsyndrome, Mentally retarded all kinds of autism. My moms heart is so warm to live with this oele every single day. Then after few years, she build her own sped. Old students enrolled in her school because the students and their parents trust my mom.

Mom has changed thousand of lives. When one of her student never soke anything since birth, after years of tutorials with my mom amazingly this kid called her mom “MAMA” her mom cried in front of us and thanked my

mom for teaching her son. That was very heart warming.  Then I realized my mom is a suer hero. I never want to live like her, its because I cant. Im not like her she is strong and im weak. She has a big heart while I, a heart of stone. I can never be my mom because she’s so amazin all the things she does makes me fall inlove more. I think this is one of the reason why I have no plans marrying somebody because I just want to be with my family forever.