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When I was just a teen, my mom always makes me a coffee – in a medium size mug – before I go to school. That coffee has aided me to be not drowsy as I prepare myself in facing another day and also in facing the challenges of life.

The coffee that my mom always prepared for me every morning is a sweet black coffee, but sometimes with cream when I insist. I enjoy drinking it with eating a couple of pandesal.

As I grew up, I managed to make my own coffee. I tried to imitate my mom’s style of blending coffee but I failed to do it. I stop copying her style as the time goes by, particularly when the time that I begun to like the taste of my own (made) coffee, which is composed of three teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of coffee that are put together on mug which is filled of hot water. I cannot tell you about the brand of that coffee because this article may sound advertorial if I do so.

Furthermore, my mom now seldom prepares me a coffee. She always insists and stress to me that I’m a full-grown man and I should be capable in doing things on my own, but sometimes I managed to convince her to make one for me by my ‘paawa effect’ acting.

Unfortunately, I experienced having a hard time in getting sleep at night, maybe, because of the high volume of coffee that I drink each day. I used to drink another mug of black coffee (sometimes with cream) in late afternoon – particularly when the time I get home after school. Because of what happened, my mom advised me to stop drinking coffee in the afternoon. And so I heed her advice, I stopped drinking coffee and instead I now drink a hot chocolate as my afternoon beverage. I can now sleep at night easily, but I have a hard time doing it sometimes, mostly, when my mind could not stop thinking – such as thinking happy or awful moments that recently happened during daytime.

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Honestly, I miss the times when my mom was treating me as a little child. I missed my grade school days when she was assisting me in doing my homework. But I know that she do not have to do that for me anymore. I know that I should act as men now and not as a boy anymore. I feel and I’m sure that I still have her support in every task that I’m doing. Actually, she got excited a several months ago when I told her that I have the chance to graduate college this present school semester. Her smile was different in that time, it was bigger and there was a spark on her eyes, as she told me that I can make it if I will give my best. I was inspired after that moment. I know I have to give my best shot to not disappoint her. I’m going to do everything to grab that college diploma for her. Black coffee has been a source of courage and strength for me, because of the adage (a saying), which says; a guy becomes tougher when he drinks a pure black coffee. And so I drink it to help me in achieving my goal.

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I really want to give that diploma for her, to make her happy, and to reward all her hardships in taking care of us; my five older siblings, my dad and my four nephews as well. She is now a senior citizen, and I’m getting weary about her health. I told her to not do a lot of house chore, but she refuses to stop, and said to me that she will only get bored if she will just sit and watch the time flies by. She also stressed to me that she are still strong – still strong enough to go to market everyday (to buy and cook food for us) and to go to church every Sunday. I cannot argue with it but to accept her decision. I also know that she is still capable in doing those things. Maybe I’m just scared that she gets injured by an accident. I think it’s the downside of drinking coffee; you get too nervous about things or matters that you are not even sure if it will happen. I prayed that nothing bad happens to her; I put my trust to God.

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As she grows older, I promised to love her, to take care for her, to watch over her, to give time and visit her even if soon that I’ll have my own family. I know that in months or just a year to come, I’m going to be the one who will now serve her a coffee. But for the meantime, I’ll take this moment to say I love her and to express how thankful I am for having her in my life – thank you so much mom, I love you.

A photo feauturing me and my mom which was taken in May 5, 1987 at my grandfather's house in South Caloocan. I was just seven months old in that time.

“Listen to your father who begot you, and do not despise your mother when she is old. “ – Proverbs 23:22