“Anak, kamusta pag-aaral mo? Nakasagot ka naman ba sa teacher mo? Nagpakabait ka naman ba? Baka mamaya niyan, sumugod dito ang teacher mo o ang nanay ng classmate mo dahil may ginawa ka na namang kalokohan. O siya, sige na! Gawin mo na agad ang homeworks mo nang makapagpahinga ka ng maaga.”

This was the message I always heard from my mother every time I came home from school during my grade school days. The same kind of conversation motivated me when I entered high school. And this continued to encourage me until now, as a graduating college student of this university.

Truly, it was a very heartwarming experience on my part to be a son of a compassionate woman, who believes in my capabilities and from time to time drives me to do the thing that she knows I could be successful doing it. She trusted me so much. If you will dare her to rate it from one to ten, she will absolutely answer 11 or more than that. She never fails to support me. She is consistently at my back, ready to grab my shoulders when I could no longer hold on. How lucky am I to have such mom, who has a goal of molding me to become a better and independent individual.


Meet the most gorgeous woman in my life, she is my mother and her name is Elvira Contemprato Cruz, and I called her “Nanay.” She is now 47 years old and currently working as a canteen cashier in a private school in Pasig City. Aside from doing the laundries, ironing the clothes, cooking our daily meals, just like other cool moms out there, my mom is one of a kind. She hangs out with her friends twice a month and always has a time for us, her children. She often gives us a treat every week. It can either be a lunch in nearby restaurants or a movie marathon in malls. Every Sunday, she pleases us to go to church and altogether pray for the Lord’s blessings. After that, our family will go shopping or have a trip in parks. She always sees to it that our family has a whole day to bond, relax, and enjoy.


Way back 9 years ago, I remember the time when my mother habitually looks after me. Before I play outside, she makes sure that I finished first my home works. She never forgets to give me instructions in anything that I will do. Once in a while, she was the one answering the questions in my assignments and I will just copy and study it as if I did it on my own. It’s just like she is the directress of the film which I am the protagonist. She is the captain of my ship. She forced me to join contests even though I don’t have the confidence and the qualifications not fit for me. She demands me to maintain my good grades, and if I fail doing it, make sure I’m ready to absorb her punishment. Yes! You heard it right.  Then this horrifying practice prolonged my high school existence pending this present time. I couldn’t forget such experiences with that kind of a mother on my side. But, I can proudly say that it’s definitely a pleasure not a pressure.


With those qualities that my mother has had, she is also my best-friend. Maybe some of you are not aware that I belonged to a group of people who don’t have a best friend. Some called us introverts, or EMO. But, we aren’t. I just prefer to be alone and stay in a place where no one can see me, where no one can know me. I have a lot of friends actually, but none of them has reached the level of friendship my mom and I have had. If you think that I treat you as my best-friend, friend, then go! If you realize that we are close pals, okay! But like what I said earlier, I don’t have a best-friend other than my mom. If you wish to know me more, my mom is the exact person to talk to. My mother is the only person in the world I can trust whole-heartedly. She knows all my secrets about my crush, exes, and present loved one, ones. She knows who are my friends are, even though she hasn’t meet them.

Perhaps you are wondering the stress you could get from that character of a parent; it is not like that for me anyway. With the way my mother molded me as a contingent young man to an independent person now is somehow a lesson for each one of us to understand.

Let’s take those words as an inspiration to persevere and be successful. Look at me now! I am a fulfilling scholar of this university, and hopefully soon to have a latin honor in our graduation day. From a normal A.B. Journalism undergraduate to a student with discounted tuition fees, is such a remarkable and hardworking goal that I pursued. I can now stand on my own feet. I can manage things better than I do so before.

With all my downfalls and uprisings, I can say that I am now more determined, wise, enduring, diligent and emotionally careful in every task that I will do.  Also with that awful but principled experience, I learned to provoke myself to start something favorable for others other than me. I realized that behind hardships there is always a worthy outcome. Everything I gained at this moment, like knowledge, fame, trust, is all for my mother. Without her on my side,  there couldn’t be an “Alfrick Cruz” today, an INDEPENDENT ONE. Thanks to her. Thank you Nanay!

Nanay ko!

Nanay ko!

Cruz Family

Cruz Family