The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.  She never existed before.  The woman existed, but the mother, never.  A mother is something absolutely new.  ~Rajneesh

This is true, everything will change when you became a mother, I don’t know the feeling, but for some it is something that will make you feel as if everything is fresh and perfect.  But what if you become a mother at an early age? Are you ready to act like a matured one? How would you be able to survive all the responsibilities? Are you brave enough to face all the consequences?

Marian, 18 years old, a fine arts student from Technological Institue of 
the Philippines, is already a mother at a very young age. It was 2 years ago when she bear a very beautiful bouncing baby girl name “Cassandra”.

Mag 16 ako nung nabuntis ako, siyempre natakot ako, naguluhan, nanghinayang. Pero andiyan na yan eh, hindi ko inisip na ipalaglag iyong bata kasi mahal ko iyong tatay, ginusto ko din yung nangyari eh. At siyempre anak ko to, papanindigan ko.” Marian said.



While she was pregnant at that time, she’s also studying and according to her, she doesn’t care whether people might judge her, or criticize her situation. Because for Marian, her baby is a blessing and as long as the father is willing to take his responsibility, there’s no reason to be ashamed.


July 9, 2010 is the most unforgettable day for Marian. It was the moment when she first saw her lovely angel.


Sobrang saya ko nung nakita ko siya, parang lahat ng sakit at pagod, naging worth it nung mga sandaling iyon. Iba talaga eh, parang pakiramdam ko sobrang nag-matured na agad ako. Parang gusto ko lahat ng gagawin ko para sa kanya lang, at siyempre nung nakita ko din si Pilo (her boyfriend) na sobrang supportive, at Masaya din. Wala na talaga akong mahihiling pa.” She explains.

Marian is very happy on that year, she said that she has a complete family, and also her parents are very supportive, even though sometimes she felt guilty.”Nagpapasalamat ako kasi sila yung gumagastos ng mga kailangan ni Cassey, wala akong trabaho, wala din si Pilo plus pinag-aral ako ulit. Parehas pa din kaming umaasa sa magulang namin. Minsan siyempre, may maririnig kang di maganda, may masasabi sila, at naiintindihan ko naman yun.” She added.


According to Marian, it’s never an easy job to be a Mother at a very young age, there were times when she’s too busy for her studies and then Cassey will get sick. She doesn’t know what to do, she can’t help but not to attend her classes just to make sure that her daughter is fine. It’s a matter of balancing her time as a mother and at the same time, a student.

But what’s even worst is when she and Pilo decided to separate ways. Due to immaturity, and differences, they can no longer fix their relationship even just for Cassey’s sake. They’ve been trying to make things right, but it just didn’t work out.

Naghiwalay kami hindi dahil may third party, siguro sobrang immature talaga kami maraming bagay kami na hindi mapagkasunduan. Para kasing hangang ngayon feeling nya buhay binata pa din siya, parang nakakalimutan niya na may anak na siya! “She explains.

According to Marian, she is trying her best to make things work, but nothing 
happens; she just experienced a lot of pains, and even rejections. “Ayoko ng broken family” Marian said.

After a couple of months, she started looking for a job to support her daughter’s needs. Marian cannot just leave all the expenses to her family, that’s why she applied in a call center to support also her studies.

Wala eh, hindi na siya nagbibigay maski piso, sana huwag niya idamay iyong bata. Kami lang ang naghiwalay, tatay pa din siya ng anak ko. Sana naman alam niya kung ano responsibilidad niya” She added.

At a very young age, she already experienced a lot of difficulties, and she said that even though she can no longer experience to enjoy her life because of her responsibilities, still she has no regrets just lessons learned. She’s very happy because Cassandra gave her life a new direction, inspiration, and of course, new hope to face everything and anything that will come her way.

“ Kaya sa mga kabataan ngayon, sana huwag nila akong tularan, although wala akong pinagsisisihan. Iba pa din kasi kapag planado lahat ng bagay eh, mahirap yung biglaan. Tsaka, makinig sila sa payo ng magulang, hindi porket bata ka feeling mo lahat ng bagay makukuha mo ng ganun ganun lang, na ang buhay parang puro saya lang? Hindi dapat ganun.” She ended.

She also said that she’s not closing her doors for the right man of her life, but as of the moment, she wants to focus first in her studies and work. She promise to graduate in college to make her parents proud, and also for Cassandra.

Marian's work. (Dreaming to graduate someday for her daugher, Cassandra)

To be a Mother is the most precious experience whether you’re too young or old, the fact that you bear a beautiful angel all the hardships will be paid off.  I might not know it yet, but definitely soon, at the right time, when all is well I will understand what it is to be a Mother.