REPUBLIC ACT NO. 8049 – An act regulating hazing and other form if initiation rites in fraternities, sororities, and other organizations and providing penalties therefore

Section 1. Hazing, as used in this Act, is an initiation rite or practice as a prerequisite for admission into membership in fraternity, sorority or organization by placing the recruit, neophyte or applicant in some embarrassing or humiliating situations such as forcing him to do menial, silly, foolish and other similar tasks or activities or otherwise subjecting him to physical or psychological suffering or injury.

In addition, hazing means infliction of unnecessary or excessive work in order to harass, an attempt to embarrass or disconcert by ridicule or persistent criticism, or the subjecting (of a freshman or fraternity pledge) to treatment intended to put in ridiculous or disconcerting position. Members who give ritual to a neophyte defends that it’s through hazing can they prove one’s endurance and thus achieves loyalty to the group.

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, however, said in a statement, that, “Republic Act No. 8049″, or the Anti-Hazing Law, must undergo a comprehensive review because it has failed to stop hazing within fraternities, sororities and student organizations since its enactment.

Some of the fraternities in the Philippines include:

Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity

Alpha Psi Omega

Alpha Mu Omega

Alpha Psi Omega (Ateneo de Manila), Delta Sigma Fraternity con Sorority (University of the East & Philippine College of Criminology), Delta Sigma Phi (University of the East & Philippine College of Criminology), Gamma Phi Sigma (University of the Philippines Diliman) and Alpha Mu Omega (De La Salle Araneta University)

     Fraternity from the Latin word frater which means “brother”, is a brotherhood, as the members usually say, of people at a college or university usually characterized by Greek letters.

     Brod as they call one another. No one gets away with them when you’re in trouble. Brothers will be brothers. Walang iwanan as they say, its like “till death do us part” of a couple. I may be soft spoken but I do have my own “BroD’s”. They are the ones whom I cannot ever forget. They are the ones whom I cannot betray. They are the ones whom I am willing to die for and they are the ones whom I cannot say goodbye.


     This fraternity has only two leaders and four members. We call this MD4VB, it was established in 1989 starting with only one member until 1992 when the 4th member joined the group. Years ago, one of its founding members died because of cervical cancer. However, our fraternity has been stronger since then. We had our hard times but still we are intact and we love each other. No matter what happen, each and every one of us will stay in our minds and in our hearts.

MD4VB’s journey

Kape at Gatas

     Let me introduce you the founding members that we call our great leaders. These two lovely couples were so in love in their college days. They have been called “Kape’t gatas” because of their obvious different skin tone. They have been strict but never been harsh to the members. They have been so lovely and caring to the members. They’re the great leaders that we wished we could be with for the rest of our lives. But God has plans for us. We have already waived our goodbye to Ms. Pataray, but we still have Mr. Chocolaté so we continue with our lives after few months of being paralyzed because of her lose.

     The first member in MD4VB is “Boombastic”. I remember so vividly the day we got into a fight, I was playing with the other gangs one day afternoon, and then somebody bullied me and teased me. Bombastic saw what this kid was doing, and so he came to rescue and gave the kid a lesson he could not forget. After what happened he told me that I should tell him whenever there’s someone bullying me.

Boy Ismid

     Furthermore, the second member of the fraternity is “Boy Ismid”. He was called boy Ismid because he was so snob and never talked and mingle to anyone unless you’ll approach this guy. He was so out of this world because you can see him talk in front of the mirror while making faces. Hey, wait! That’s me! I am Boy Ismid.

     Moreover, the third member of our brotherhood is “COOLangot”. He got this funny name because he was always seen picking his nose, like there’s no tomorrow. This guy is so cool that he has been the campus crush even if he dressed like a hoodlum. He is one of the maangas among the group and most of the time picks up a fight. But still, we helped him win over his opponents.

     The fourth member is “Bratty”. Since he was the last member of our group, this guy was spoiled by our great leaders and never picks up a fight. This guy is also called the nerdy because he is also good in academics so nobody knows that he belongs to a fraternity.

Unveiling the MD4VB

     I just cannot express myself because I really cannot say goodbye anymore to these people. I have already given my final wave to my mother, and my heart can no longer take the time when I really have to say goodbye to them. My age maybe out of the calendar soon, but my love for these people will never be vanished no matter what happen and no matter how far we are from each other, I still love them.

brother on a wheelchair

     I remember few years ago, when my elder brother got into an accident. He never wanted us to know what happened to him because he doesn’t want us to see crying over him. He needed blood donation, which is why his wife called me and told me what happened. The time stopped and I couldn’t breathe. There were tears running on my face and all I can hear is my heartbeat, beating so fast.

     I told my younger brothers what happened to our kuya, and went to the hospital as soon as we can. We tried to be strong for him, but as soon as we saw him sitting on the wheel chair, his face full of bruises, blood were on her wife’s dress. We can no longer stop our emotions. He just said “Sorry, ayoko na sana kayong abalahin e, kaya lang kelangan ko ng lakas. Gusto ko kayo makita.” Good thing after several months, he recovered and he went back to work.

motorcycle accident

     Similarly, it was one lazy afternoon when my Dad just woke me up because there was no food ready for him, it was already 12 noon, but we just woke up. And so I told my younger brother (Prince) to go to the market because I have something else to do and he is the one assigned to go to the market. Since he has a driver’s license, he used the bike. An hour after, he was walking very slow and his hands on his head. He has an afro hair and so it looks like he’s just whining about his head ache or he was just joking.

     It was only when I came closer to him and saw blood on his shirt, ears, and hands. His head is really in hurt. He started sharing what happened to him on his way home. I stopped doing my homework, and get the medicine kit. I have to clean his wound to see if he needs a serious medical attention. I felt so guilty after what happened and so I took care of him and cooked for him.

my BroD's

     Everything happens for a reason. No matter what it was, it made our bond more intact. Fraternities may have kinds of hazing like paddling, slapping, tedious cleaning, weird clothing, food and servitude. But MD4VD has its own hazing, and with the kind of hazing that we had, we became stronger and braver. We became mature and open-minded. We learn how to love without a reason and appreciate little things. We became the man that we are today and we will become the leader that they want us to be.

I LOVE YOU BROD, or I Love You BROthers and Dad. I really just cannot say goodbye to you. One is enough, two is too much. I miss you Mom.

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