-Find out what this fashionista Mom has to reveal as she shares her tidbits of confessions about her role as a mother, as a friend, as a teacher, as a student and as a warrior. And how she manages to be calm and gorgeous despite her terribly hectic and crazy-paced schedule.

Its 12:30 in the afternoon when I arrived inside the faculty room of the College of Arts and Sciences. We’ve started our conversation through minutes of friendly banter before i fire away my questions which she answered with a poise of a professional and air of confidence.

                                                             Her Many lives

Ms. Rizaline Jacinto is one of the most famous professor in the University of the East-Manila, not only because of her friendly attitude but mainly because she’s been teaching in the university for over 30 years now. She teaches NSTP ( National Service Training Program) during Saturdays, she also teaches Filipino and law related courses.

While she had finished BS in Elementary Education in Philippine Normal University, Masters in Filipino in Centro Escolar University and BS in Laws here in UE, her love for knowledge did not stop. she is currently studying to be a Doctor in Education in the University Graduate school. But despite her loaded day, she still able to run a home. She cooks for her children, do the house keeping and dine with friends.

When asked how she start her day she motherly said, “ I start my day early. I cooked for my children yun talaga ang hindng hindi ko maiiwanan kailangan may food sila bago ako umalis at bago sila magtrabaho at mag aral. I love to cook for them alam nilang magagalit ako pag hindi sila kumain”.

As an educator at the same time mother with busy lifestyle, it is inevitable to get pressured and angry sometimes. “nagagalit din naman ako pero very seldom lang, kapag magulo at maingay sa classroom I just shut my mouth after saying, huwag niyo na akong hintaying magalit pero actually galit na ako nun”. she exclaimed with chuckle.

                                                                                                             Her mode of relaxing

Aside from staying beautiful and fit Ms. Rizalina also loves travelling, she said that their last vacation in Washington with her whole familay was the most memorable one. but She still looking forward to visit Europe particularly Paris. she also goeas to aerobics, in fact, she has been going to the aerobics with her faculty members.

” Mahilig ako mag exercise in fact dun sa 5th floor sa multi purpose hall nag start na yung aerobics eh so pumupunta kami dun to exercise”.

But unknown to many, her ultimate relaxing habit is very simple, that is to clean the entire house. “talagang pinaka stress reliever ko yang paglilinis ng bahay. kung para sa iba heavy task yan sa akin hindi“. she said.

                          Her greatest achievement in life

– Professor Jacinto consider raising her children and giving them proper education as her greatest achievement in life. In fact, she has one Dentist, three Engineers, One management graduate and one candidate for CPA board exam. “ talagang gusto ko ay mapagtapos silang lahat mahirap pero worth it naman, buti nalang i have my responsible husband with me.” She added.

Meanwhile, professor Rizalina’s husband is a retired contract worker who used to be an employee in a telecom company.

What other things that many people do not know about you?

” I love to make my own clothes, akala ng marami lagi akong bumibili, pero the truth is I make my own clothes and design my own style. I buy din pero maong pants lang. meron akong catalog so, bumibili nalang ako ng tela.” she confessed.

Being a glamorous working mom, how do you define fashion?

“Fashion for me is not yung ano ang laging uso, dapat kung ano ang bagay. hindi naman talaga ako fashionista pero i have my taste and I know how to carry myself well”. she said.

                                               On being a true blooded warrior

Ms. Rizalina Jacinto admitted that she is a basketball fan, she loves the University Basketball team not only because they are basketball players but because they bear the name of Lualhati. UE means alot to her, she’s been in the university for the longest time. She learned to love not only the students, the UAAP the players, but most of all the university all in its own.

I find happiness here in UE kaya ako tumagal dito. Yes there were problems pero kahit saang company naman you will encounter problems they are part of it. But io find happiness and contentment here. I’m a proud warrior.

Ms. Rizalina Jacinto is truly a quintessential mom that you would like to have, faithful and hardworking. She may give a lot of credit to her faith and determination, but her passion and care to her job and children and drive to learn more have contributed a lot to her success.