bata 1: wala ka sa nanay ko, ang nanay ko magaling magluto ng cake
bata 2: mas magaling nanay ko kasi sya nagluluto ng cake at spaghetti tuwing birthday ko
bata 3: ang tatamad naman ng nanay nyo, ang nanay ko kayang gawin lahat ng nyan habang kumakanta
bata 1: panno?
bata 3: eh di ibubuka nya lang labi nya para kumanta helloo!!
bata 1 and 2: nyeee

well most of us claim that they mom were the best ( we have our own biases haha) but somehow their traits and attitudes depend on their mood. Depending on how we obey them and how we show our respect to them. but never the less we all love our mothers. well let me tell you about my mom, My mama’s name is Ma. Teresa Germino Sadsad she is a SPED teacher in Josefabella Memorial School for about 22 years, 51 years old, during weekdays she teach from 8 in the morning up to 3 pm but on weekends she usually spend her day in our church but sometimes we do groceries (that’s our bonding time buying stuff for our home talking to each other, but most of the time we tell jokes to each other) she’s a working mom but she always find time to ask us, on how are things in school and in my church activities, she can even tell if I’m having a hard day, she was my mom, my friend and drinking buddy.

She was very jolly, she always find good things in bad moments, she collects stamps, currencies from different countries and lately she start collecting candles too she has many friends, there are times when an old lady approach me and asks “ikaw ba yung anak ni thess?” I just smiled and say yes. even she’s busy in many things still she find time for herself ( i womnder how she do it?). We even have drinking times even if there’s no special moments to celebrate, it was funny because there are mothers who don’t allow there daughter’s to drink liquor. She was very supportive for the four of us siblings.

She is a very strong woman she managed to raise us four kids (my dad works abroad so most of the time, so my mom look for us) we always feel the love we need and care. Though sometimes we hear her load mouth scolding us but it was for our good. For me my mom is still the best and coolest mom.

Thank you Mama for everything that you did for us I LOVE YOU NG BIGTIME.