Count those days, months and years that she carry me whenever I cry, give me milk until I fell asleep. From those sleepless nights that she sacrifice inorder to change me whenever I pee from my diaper and until now on my 18th year of existence my mother is still their showing her unending love, care and comfort  us her children.

From childhhod to teeanage years it’s my time to return the love that my mother felt to us. For me discovering all the things that my mom love most is the best way to let her feel my love, just like cooking her favorite dish which is pancit cabagan top with quail eggs-this delicay is made of fresh miki noodles served with toppings, quail eggs, mixed vegetables and served with chopped white onion, calamansi and soy sauce on a separate small bowl-and I learned how to cook this dish from her, whenever she cooks I’m always at her side and she taught me how to prepare it that’s why when she is craving for pancit cabagan I secretly go to the kitchen and prepare her favorite dish. I always surprised her and I want her to be happy with just simple thing I want to see her face smile even though she is tired from work. It’s a great moment to share time with your mom even just a minute I always give her time.


When I was a kid whenever my mom live us and go to Manila she always come back with a pasalubong- toys,dresses, shoes, etc. and now that I am here in Manila whenever the semestral break is approaching I always think what could be the best pasalubong that I will give to my mom sometimes I bought her dress, accesories, and her favorite buko pie which she always ask when I go back to the province and the most important gift that I gave to her is my presence.

Business woman that’s what I see my mother even though she is getting older she always strive hard to make money for us her children. My mother always go here in Manila every two months she visit us at the same time get off to divisoria-the cheapest yet great mall in this planet- to buy clothes, shoes, bags, etc. and sell it to the province, this is part of her busines. I always accompany her and after shopping all this things here I am again carrying a heavy sock of clothes, sandals and accesories I’m not shy when I carry these things even though many people stare at me what is important to me is that I helped my mom and make her glad that I am always here for her.

As days goes by I want to let my mom feel my love, In return I always care for her whatever happens. There are many things that I could do inorder to let her happy but what is important to me is to let every moment cherish with my mom. I could not ask anything for her and I thank God for giving me a mother like her.