The noblest profession in the world is motherhood. Nothing beats a mother’s love. It is second in greatness to God’s unconditional love for men. A happy family cannot be complete without the presence of mothers. But motherhood or being a mother is not boxed in being a woman and literally bearing a child alone. How about those families with fathers as both parents? Those families who rely motherhood on their patriarchs?

Mhar, 49, proves that fathers can be nurturing to their children, too.

Macario or Mhar is a 49 year-old single parent with two daughters studying at University of the East – Manila. He became a single parent when he got separated from his wife, Malou. His daughters lived with him after they run away from his ex-wife. “I thought that when I and my wife got separated, she would take care of our daughters but it became the total opposite. Malou’s grudge for me was passed on to our daughters. They were abused with hurtful words. They were even locked up all day inside the house.” Mhar was courageous enough to narrate what happened. One day, Denise, one of his daughters, called Mhar up saying that they could no longer take the situation. They planned how to escape from the house and fortunately, they were successful.

Since then, Mhar assured his daughters that they will never get hurt by anybody especially their mother. He was also kind not to sue his wife despite what happened because it was his daughter’s request and he respects their decision. He began to learn how to stand up as both a father and a mother. In the later years, he became more of a mother because he was not afraid to cook, do the laundry, iron clothes, and even buy toiletries for his daughters.

Denise is proud of his Papa because of his dedication as a provider and a loving parent. “Papa works everyday including Sundays. His only rest day was Christmas and New Year’s Day.” Denise revealed during the interview. “He was a foreman in a construction site so his time should be well-adjusted for us to meet at least every night before going to sleep. I’m glad that he still has time to bond with us and check on us even if he is tired from work. “, she added.

Mhar ’s daughters wish that God could give the three of them more time together. Still, they understand that their Papa needs to work hard for their future.  Mhar’s unconditional love for his daughters signifies what a parent is willing to sacrifice for his children. If he will be given a chance to have another persona, he would rather choose his present self because of his daughters.

No gender could be a measure of motherhood – of how to be a mother. Motherhood is not seen physically. You do not have to be a woman or conceive a child. You do not even have to be a woman at all. For as long as your love for your children is present and you are willing to sacrifice for their benefit, motherhood is in your midst. Mhar had proven that even fathers have their own version of motherhood. Fathers might maintain their tough personality but their hearts remains like cotton candies only for their angels – their child.


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