We all have a hard time to saying goodbye to person even in material things, but as life goes on we must learn to say goodbye and face the new begging to conquer all the pain after a sad moment of fears and pain. This article makes me think what would I write?, Do I really need to say goodbye to the person that I love and loved?.

Who is the person that I can’t say goodbye?. There are many people that I don’t want to lose right now, but I believe losing them will either break or hurt me but it can’t kill me. The first person that I can’t say goodbye is my Mama and Papa because of them I’m existing in this wonderful earth, they thought me how to be strong, to be open-minded for every triumphs that I will face, to find may own solutions for every problem, they always there for me, I am afraid that one day they will grow old and die, leave me and my brothers and sister, it would be so hard I can’t barely imagine my life without them.

The second person that I can’t say goodbye is my brothers Vanni, Olan and sisters Jov and Nins in Christ, because of them I learn to appreciate little things, to share want you can give, to endure all the challenges to face them head up high, to value my self more than I imagine, it was all about the fun memories that we shared but the hard challenges the we face together, getting inspirations with each other, figure things out. I really can’t say goodbye to them how I wish I could be in the ministry forever, to stay forever young, why? because I feel complete with them, there’s a sense of fulfillment, I am at peace, I never have to worry for them because I know God is using us for the greater sense of our lives, though I admit we are not perfect servant of the Lord, there are times that we argue with small things, our tempers were very high, and the worst thing that we did is to curse each other, but those were the times that we misunderstood each others, but now I can say that we all grow together as one for God.

And of course I can’t say goodbye to my ever loving and crazy friends ( you know who you are) you are the people who may made life simple, sorrowful at the same time happy, I would like to take this chance not to say goodbye but to thank you guys for being such a good friends to me, I know that were not that close but still you somehow still care for me I will definitely miss you guys for those endless overnight (though I can count on my fingers some many times that I come with those memorable nights) the places that we eat together, the tripping that we made, the stories that we all shared, the requirements that we made, the exams answer that we shared, you guys rock.

Ether I like it or not, goodbyes are just around the corners, it can happen too early, but it will be always better if the goodbye moment are just right in time, when we are tired, when we feel it hurts like hell, we need to let go, to accept the things that we think aren’t acceptable to us we it leaves us no choice but to accept it whole heatedly.

P.S we don’t want to say goodbye so let just keep in touch with each other ((: