Each one of us has that special someone that no matter how many times we tried to let that person go, we just can’t. Because every time we try to do so, it keeps on breaking our hearts.  That special someone can make you the happiest person in the whole entire universe, and at the same time, makes you the saddest man alive during tough times.  He/she is your life, but sometimes, you are at your best, without that person.

It’s been 7 years since I’ve known this guy; he is my crush, my inspiration, my first love, and my boyfriend. Just like any other girls, I admired this guy because of his looks, perfect eyes, and kissable lips. But as I have known him even more, I started to love his character as a person; I can see how much he value his family, how close he is to God despite his “maangas” looks, and how he makes sure that I’m secured all the time. In short, I fell in love deeply with this guy.

For those 7 years of knowing each other, we already encountered a lot of difficulties, and I believe that it is because of immaturity. But when we reached college, everything is smooth, as if it was the perfect timing for the both of us never imagine that our relationship will be more complicated, and challenging.

He has his ego, I have my pride. He has that strict personality, I also have mine. We have almost the same characteristic that’s why we can’t help but to always argue even the smallest things. Like what other people said, in finding a perfect partner he/she should be the opposite you. But that’s different compared to my situation, but what’s good about us is we still manage to work things out.



What exactly made me think if it’s time to give up is about me, being taken for granted by him most especially when we’re having misunderstandings. I don’t know, but there are certain instances when I just felt like being ignored.



FYI:  I’m very sensitive; I don’t want to feel like being worthless to a person whom I’ve been showing my love and care.

Some of my friends told me to leave him that I should not just focus mylife to him, there’s more to come, besides, I’m still young. They also added that because of him, I don’t have enough time for my friends, and for myself. But I just can’t, it’s not that easy. It’s hard to say goodbye to a person who has been your happiness for years, maybe they would just understand when they already experience this kind of feeling when you already found your true love. Yes, I considered him as my true love, my first and one true love.

Our relationship might be weird, and many people might not understand our rules and regulations as a couple. But for me, he’s the best thing that ever happened to me, you might not know, you might ask me why. When you’re in love, you are willing to take risks, and even accept that person even if he is at his worst. Instead of thinking negative things, I learned how to appreciate, appreciate the fact that I learned how to love, and also be love in returned. We might have differences, and fight like a married couple, but that’s relationship is all about. For now, I can’t say goodbye to him, and I can’t imagine doing that in the near future.


“I got the title of my article from this song of Kamikazee, I just think it fits us and I can somehow relate my self to this” :))))) Hope you find time to listen and watch the video:)