Chance of meeting with the Person I cannot say goodbye.

Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over – my statement for mi amore.



Never in my wildest dreams have I thought to be in this place. I, who was ever proud of meeting beautiful people and win them over easily, became insecure of things to come. I feel like a puppy waiting for his master everyday. Suddenly, my schedule became whatever is my love’s schedule. I cannot plan my whole day because it might conflict with hers.


Thirteen months and counting, and I am still in this “love” trap. What does she possess that could just make me do things I never did to anyone? What language does she speak that could make me say yes to her requests? What watch does she have that could change mine anytime?

Let me share with you briefly the kind of person I know of her and how we met.

First the meeting – it was quite awkward and embarrassing because I felt like I lost my tongue the minute she said “hello”. “Errr”, “aaaah”, were just my words and some stupid answers to her questions. The next minutes were just a series of embarrassments and I thought I just lost her.

She came in the most unexpected moment and place, yet, the most perfect of all times. I think fate brought us together. If by just a minute I was not in that exact location, I would not have met the person who would make myself whole.

She, for me is the most – the one who understands me the most, the one who influenced and changed me the most, the one whom I love the most.

She is the reason for my ups and downs and gives balance of my life. I cannot lose her.