Probably, the last one’s the hardest word that one could ever say or hear from somebody especially from someone special.

GOODBYE may be the usual word we say when ending a telephone conversation or the word we say after a hangout with friends. But really, when reality speaks, GOODBYE  can be that single word that can bring a person a lot of pain, that one word that can turn a person’s world upside down.

GOODBYE – what an irony that such word contains the word “Good” in it but usually speaking, all it can bring is a “Bad” feeling.

Now… If I may ask you a question, who could be the people you don’t want to say goodbye? Do you have someone in mind?

As for me, I have three in mind…

First in line is my family… Why? Ever since the world said “Hi,” I never heard my family said “Goodbye.” Who was there first when I opened my eyes into this world for the first time. Who was there first when I learned how to talk and walk. Who was there first when I entered school. Who was there first when I was lying in a hospital bed. Who was there first when I had a broken heart. With all that questions, I can only give one answer – FAMILY. My family, my home was there first.

I know to myself though that I do not have the perfect family. No one does. I do have misunderstandings with my parents and arguments with my siblings.  But I know more to myself that I can never say goodbye to these people who taught me to be serious with life but funny with people, to be a strong person yet humble, to be silent yet upright.

Saying goodbye to my family is the only thing I can never afford to do.


Second in line are my friends. We may never be related. We may have just started as strangers. We may have never planned to meet… But we did and here we are, sharing common interests and working out on occurring differences. I love my friends and I mean it.


These people were the ones who challenged my personality, my whole being. “Yung ako na walang halong kaplastikan,” as we call it in Tagalog. These people taught me how to give out respect to other people and to myself. More than that, my friends taught me how to gain and earn trust.

Now, tell me… How can say goodbye to these people? If I have been planning to say “goodbye” to a friend, then I should have never said “hi” in the very first place.

Saying goodbye to my friends is the only thing I can never afford to do.

Last but not least… I can never say goodbye to the SURVIVOR in me.

guess who?

My life could have been so miserable without that survivor in me who have been pushing me to sail the stormy ocean, to cross the dangerous desert, to travel the unknown jungle. I could have been lesser, weaker, or a loser if I have learned to say goodbye to that person in me.

Where will I be in this world without that person? I just can’t imagine saying goodbye to that survivor… It’s the only thing I can never afford to do.

HI’s…HELLO’s… GOODBYE’s… Still, the last one’s the hardest word to bear.

 But, in this life, we can never get away from moments where we really have to say goodbye to people. Remember, life is come and go. It will pain us, hurt us, and torture us ‘til when, but there’s nothing we can do but accept. If we had time for hi’s and hello’s, there’s no exemption for goodbye’s. We may never be ready and never plan to be ready, but GOODBYE is one of life’s weirdest challenges – say it when you must and the pain shall go.

GOODBYESGet Over the ODeal and Believe that You’ll Embrace the Situation.