I am my mother’s son.

Twenty-three years ago, a young woman whispered to me saying, “I love you, I will always protect you, I will always be here for you”. Of course I did not understand it that time, nor do I remember the young woman saying that to me. But that’s what my mother is telling me now, that she indeed said those words to me.  And I believe her…sometimes.

Yes, my mother loves me so much, but sometimes, I cannot discount the fact that she sometimes also wishes that she would put me back inside her tummy. Just like a lot of mothers, they get mad at their child to teach him a lesson. It may be difficult to understand but if one tries to understand deeper, a mother only wants the best for her child.

My mother and I have our own love-hate episodes. There were even moments when I wished I had a different mother. I couldn’t understand why she would not allow me to do some things, to go out sometimes, to buy things. But, actually, those were just to teach me a thing or two.  Quite not very easy to understand as a child, but now I truly understand.


Had my mother gave all my wants as a child, I know I would be a different person now. I would have different views of life, views of rights and wrongs, and I will never change how I am today. For who I am, I will forever be grateful for my mother.