This is a story a about a girl and a boy who cannot be named.


One day, there is a girl and a boy who cannot be named.

The girl is a busy person who’s life revolves mostly in studies and family. She truly lives her motto on life that ‘Love can wait.’ Above all things, she prioritizes what she knows should be and she seems to find satisfaction on the way she is taking life; slowly but surely plus no distraction.

The boy is a very unexpressive type of guy. He is always having a hard time showing what he feels especially to the one he loves. As musch as he wants to say the word to make them feel that he cares, he always ending  up tongue-tied. And so his friends labeled him as the ‘cold torpe.

Maybe you already know what will happen next. I know that after recognizing the girl and the boy, you already come out with a finished story in your mind. But sorry to burst your bubbles, this is not a kind of story what you think it will be.

They both know each other, only in a shallow manner. She knows he exists and vice versa. They are not actually close to each other. They aren’t even classmates that’s why they don’t bother saying ‘hi’ when passing on the schools’ corridor.


She's the busy one.

The boy knew her as her name and photos would appear in their campus paper, not just because she is the editor-in-chief but also because of the never-ending contests she is joining; from academic to practical competition undertaken inside the school up to the national level. he knew this girl. But only just by name and face.

The girl on the other hand, rarely knew about him. She once heard about him when he played badminton in their intramurals for she needed then to write a news about it. And that was it. She never dares to know more about him.

But life works in such an unfamiliar instance. It will caught you off-guard. One thing you know is you’re just looking for a way out to an abbyss you don’t know when and how you are even there.

One cold night, as the hush of the air is audible and the perfectly circle-shaped moon illuminates the world, there they have their prom. Partners are randomly selected during the practice and so they already have fixed partners to dance with. But just like our politicians, the participants turn so unruly. There are some who came late and so the fixed partners-rule is not followed on that night.


And he's the aloof one.

The girl is one of those late comers. That’s why she looks so horrible when she found out that her supposed partner is already dancing with another girl.

She feels a bit of embarrasment when she saw that others are already in the quadrangle with their partners, while she is left alone there and it is as if no guy would want to save her from burying on the imaginary quagmire laid on her feet.

Then the boy approaches her.

With the same fate on that night, and maybe out of desperation and to just let everything be finished, the boy asks her to be his partner, without caring about the possible rejection that may ensue.

The girl winks twice then smile. She realizes that there still someone who wants to save her.

And so the girl and the boy finally arrive on the expected part of the story: they meet each other not just by name but this time by heart.

From that day on, they started building a good relationship. The boy tries his best to communcate with her. He is so convince that she is the one who will help him go out of his box and break that ‘cold torpe‘ labeled on him.


THE WORST GOODBYE. The person you can't say goodbye is the one who you don't even have the chance to say to.

The girl likes his company but it never cross in her mind at all that she will go beyond the boundary, boundary she actually sets. She likes the boy but she isn’t ready for anything else. She wants to focus on her plans and again–not be distracted.

The boy, jilt-busted as he seems, feels that. And the girl is likewise so guilty about it specially when he started being aloof to her up until their graduation day. He severs their ties, never talks to her and let her what she wants to be with her life. And the girl feels so selfish.

During their graduation day, she tries to look at him in the crowd, hoping to dedicate his speech for him and just so she can express her sorry. After the congratulations and all, her eyes seek him. But she fails to find him. She asks his classmates and then she found out that he immediately went home after the ceremony. She never seems to find a way to even say goodbye to him.

The boy disappeared for quite a while. She never heard anything from him until then. They go back to their same picture they use to have.

After a decade, the boy sent a letter to the girl, telling her his present address and invited her to be his guest. The girl is so excited that she left her work and immediately go to see him.

She never realizes that the letter is late sent to  her and that it was written a week ago. He isn’t there on the given address. She asks the neighbors and she felt like falling from the ground when she learned about his situation. He is ill and on his last day he is wishing to see the girl that she is waiting for his lifetime. She is told by the neighbors that he was murmuring a girl’s name before he gone.

In a staggering moment, she runs and goes to his place. She unconciously weeps like a child as she touches his name engraved on a tomb, on front of his seemingly bed and thinking over and over how she will say goodbye to a person she never had a chance to say goodbye to.