For privacy purposes, let’s just call her Bookworn Goddess.

She wasn’t really that beautiful. She wore glasses, she was small, the heck, she wasn’t even sexy! But then again, I’m not really the type of person who would fall for just good looks alone. It has always been my personal belief that sexy women are just fun to ogle at but not really fun to be a girlfriend.

WHY I FELL IN LOVE WITH HER: We share the same passion for books. We would talk hours and hours about our favorite books. I usually borrow a lot of her books before. We also share the same passion for writing.  She is very funny. Funny in a way that only I can understand. We had several long conversations together and it was something that I really enjoyed about her.

HOW I CONFESSED MY LOVE: love letter. To be honest, it was the most disgusting thing that I have ever written in my entire life. It was in 2nd year that I confessed my love to her. I actually forgot the stuff that I wrote there. Probably a string of disgusting cheesy lines that I am so happy to forget.

HOW SHE REPLIED TO MY CONFESSION: In response to my disgusting love letter, she stopped talking to me and then she got into several relationships with other blokes from other sections. Boys with pea-brains, savage cavemen who have never held a book in their entire lives. It’s actually funny to watch how she struggled to teach one her boyfriends to read Neil Gaiman novels, an author whose writing style is too complicated for an idiot like that guy.

HOW IT ENDED: Well, we grew up, we parted our own ways, and just minded our own business, I guess. But until now, I’m still hurt about what happened. Although, I’m a little bit happy that her relationship never went well, a tinge of guilt still resides my heart. Somehow I hate myself because I didn’t use the right words and the proper medium to express my love to her. Maybe there were a lot of grammatical errors that’s why she got turned off.  I never know, and sometimes, I wish I knew.


For privacy purposes, let’s call this second one EmoGirl.

She was also my classmate in 3rd year high school. I didn’t notice how much I love her because I was 3madly in love with Bookworm Goddess.  She was an emo. But not really the hardcore emo type with hardcore slashes on the wrists. She just loves to wear gothic make-up and black eye-liner. She also wrote poems about death, how fun it is and how life sucks and all those topics under the emo sun.

WHY I FELL IN LOVE WITH HER: Well, we both like the same kind of music. She was my influence when it comes to my musical preferences. Dashboard Confessional, Panic! At the Disco, Ohio is For lovers, The Starting Line, Daft Punk, a lot of my musical heroes came from her. She’s the type of girl that you will enjoy talking to. You will never run out of topics when you’re with her. And she’s sweet. Even though she already has a boyfriend, she would still tell me that she loves me and I’m like awwwwwww, how sweet.

AWESOME MOMENTS WITH HER: the most memorable moments that I shared with her were those cute movie dates that we did. Actually we only did two movie dates. One was when Harry Potter 7 part 1 invaded the country and when Tron Legacy came out. For her, it was just a good time with a friend, but for me, I have experienced one of the best dates of my life. What I enjoyed most about these movie dates was that they weren’t as cheesy as what lovers would usually do. There’s no holding of hands while walking, no disgusting public display of affection, just plain and simple friendship. Probably because were friends not lovers. But even though we might turn out to be lovers, I doubt that we’ll do the common things that couples do to them. I know her and I know myself. If we became lovers, we’re never gonna be that sappy.

HOW I CONFESSED MY LOVE TO HER: I never confessed. I believe our relationship is perfect and she doesn’t really need to know that I love her. I regret not doing anything after she went to America and got in a relationship with other guys.

HOW OUR RELATIONSHIP ENDED: Thankfully, it never ended. I am in her Friendzone, which is more painful than just ending it. Even though she’s now in America and she has a boyfriend, were still friends. We constantly chat on Facebook. We still talk about stupid stuff. We also talk about her relationship. How she had sex with this guy, how she bakes her boyfriend some cookies. As if I’m not hurt and jealous.  Sometimes, we talk about how she broke up with this guy which sometimes makes me a little bit happy because at least I can say comforting words to her. Being in her friendzone list is quite a drag sometimes. But as the cliché goes, you do anything for the person you love.